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Customer Service sucks

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I have been on hold 8 hours between yesterday and today....the webchat is crap, it boots you at random times..


I am calling Bell soon. I know a couple people who are now Bell customers because of this. They actually answer the phone.


Community Power User
Community Power User

All the carriers are affected:

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All carriers are affected, but we are seeing a higher success rate through Rogers and Bell than through Telus.  

93 times I called yesterday.  7 times I got through.  Only one wasn't dropped after 2min, and that one was on hold for almost 2 hours late at night before I was too exhausted to stay up and wait any longer...

Me too... they had better honour the offer for weeks to come, until everyone who couldn't get through is able to take advantage.


Bell reps have lots of time on their hands. Go figure.


That aside, every carrier is busy right now. This is mobility life.


Sorry 8 hours your not even in the ball park. I have been trying to get an email password reset. It has been 5 days and counting.