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Charged for texts I never sent

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Telus is charging me for 405 texts messages sent to a US number that were sent at 4am on June 14th in a 40 minute window. The phone was in a locked office that no one but me had a key to. This isn't the first time that this has happened apparently as MH123 had this happen for the exact amount as me in 2021 according to this forum.

Telus team of "investigators" from the SRM dept of deemed these charges valid and will help me not way, Julie even went so far as to acuse me of lying without actually saying those words. It didn't matter that the phone number is 424-902-0682 which is known number used in the CRA scam. But Moniah from the client resolution center told me that they don't even look into that. So, what could possibly be causing this?

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Community Power User

It's possible your phone has been compromised:


Phone Hackers: 9 Signs Your Phone Has Been Hacked | Avast

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Alreday looked into that, my anti virus runs daily, I haven't downloaded a new app in over a year, I don't get emails to the phone and I don't click on links through text messages. This is a work phone used for calls and text only.

My phone is 1 week old but its a Sim card of my old phone. It must be related to the number, not hacking of my phone

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Did you ever figure out what was causing this? I’m having the same problem.

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Was there any resolution because I am dealing with the exact same thing right now

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I just discovered the same problem. 15 messages in one day to US 952-201-6605. I never sent them or know the number. Looking back, it also happened on my June bill. I chatted with customer service rep (Juan) and he issued a refund for my current bill but he could not explain how it could happen. He just sees the records. I told him somebody is using my number or my phone is hacked but he said that is not possible. He asked if I left the phone unattended or loaned it out? Really? There is a problem and Telus seems to have no interest in solving it. Interestingly, I read the same issue on Rodgers forum as well. I contacted Telus via Twitter since that seems to be the only way to contact them. I had to open a twitter account to do it. No email address for them anywhere and calling takes forever. At least I got a refund this time (not for my June bill) but what abut next time? I am waiting for the twitter reply