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Cell signal

Just Moved In
I consistently have one bar or less in my house... whether by a window or further inside house... sometimes when talking , signal is intermittent...
my question ... who would be the right person/department to contact about this problem?
On a side note , my next door neighbour I’d constantly walking around his yard trying to get a adequate signal...
Was able to use the app before to report bad signal... but that is not available any longer!!
Thank you for your help!!

Community Power User
Community Power User

You'd have to be talking to tech support essentially. Once they get enough complaints from an area it'll likely get checked out.


The one thing you didn't mention is where you are located. Are you in a city? rural? small town?

Do you know where the nearest cell tower is located? How far is it from your home? (Cell tower map)

3G or LTE?

Which phone do you have?

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iPhone 8 Plus
Approximately 4km from nearest tower
House. Located by small hill

any chance in upper mission?

You can use the "Telus Network Experience" app and submit a report via the app.  When I used it a couple of years ago a tech called me directly and told me what the issue was and how they tried to fix it.  

Telus Network Experience app is no longer available to install. If you have it and want to keep it don't uninstall.


There is a web page now to make the equivalent report. Select your location and then click on the Report an issue button on the bottom right below the map.




You might just as well beat you head against a brick wall as get an intelligent response from Telus Mobility. They will use a scripted response that will not solve anything. Your best bet is to make a complaint to the CRTC  through the ccts complaint route. Our illustrious Prime Minister made an election promise to give 98% of Canada high speed internet and high quality LTE comminications by 2019. Telus and Telus mobility tried to get around building more cell phone towers and laying more fibre-optic cable, by introducing a "smart hub" for rural communities, which made possible higher speed internet communication that was possible with land lines. By doing this, they increased the useage of the current cell phone towers and reduced the service to all cell phone users. They have tried throttling the data ueage of the smart hub users to try and balance the bandwidth availability, but this has resulted in a lot of backlash from the smart hub users. Therefore the more complaints to the CRTC the better. Right now, when you complain to Telus, they will deny that many people have complained. Be a squeaky wheel, don't stand by and take it on the chin.

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Community Power User

This discussion was regarding cell service in urban areas, not Smart Hubs or rural internet, so most of your post was entirely off topic.


One of the questions the CCTS will typically ask is what steps have you taken with your provider to get the issue addressed? The first thing that someone should do in the situation where there is poor reception is get as many people in the area to report it as possible. A list of complaints from a specific area will get a providers attention far more effectively than a single CCTS report. That is still just one indirect report of an issue. I've had a mobility tech visit from calling tech support before. I did provide a fair bit of information to them and I did get my neighbors to also report issues. A tech visit also doesn't mean the problem will be resolved overnight. For poor reception, it can be a complex fix. Telus does offer wifi calling as well so users with poor reception can have another option.


The CCTS is a separate and independent organization with different and limited scope of what they deal with. You'll find there is little they can do in regards to a cell tower and nothing in regards to the geography of a mountainous region. The CCTS does not get involved with infrastructure.

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