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Blackberry Social and Email


I just got a prepaid account (Starter 10) and Blackberry Social 15. Why?  Just for fun, love my old Bold 9900. Anyway, it is working well. As advertised BBM, Facebook and Twitter are working. However, while I was able to set up an account and associate my gmail at, when I later went to send an email my device said my data plan doesn't include email. 


So all this to ask, does the Social 25 add-on give me email?  It is hard to tell from the description on Telus' website. 


Community Power User
Community Power User
The description doesn't speak to email at all, so I'm guessing that unless you use a Blackberry email service, you are out of luck unless you buy a data plan.
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Hi NFtoBC.   Yes, what I set up at was indeed a Blackberry email service. A "regular" data add-on (like you would use with iPhone/Android) won't work for BB email. Full on BIS would be great but it seems that is only available with post-paid plans.