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Barely any signal

Live in the GTA. Network chart says to be covered under 5G. Hardly get any speeds and call drops or voice stutters when moving between rooms. Happens even when outside. Started off at 3 bars and now phone only shows 1 bar.. the customer service if you are patient enough to to wait over 2 hours to get connected sucks as they are sitting somewhere remote. Call centre does not operate for my EPP line after 7pm. What a joke is this. They call the call centre line a premium service.
Network is junk. The company is going from Best ranked to the worst ranked in my eyes.
No more am I going to recommend telus.

Just Moved In

I am experiencing the same thing at multiple locations in Calgary, started off okay but now receiving only 1 bar. I submitted a ticket and multiple service issue reports and got a text message back saying "After investigation, we have determined this location and some of its surrounding areas to be an Area of Concern. At the moment, we have not been provided an exact date for the resolution". Luckily I have a Rogers line that has good reception in my area that I'll be switching to instead.

You are lucky to have service delivered through another provider. I have 2 lines and both of them TELUS.. Even Freedom Mobile has increased coverage.. better to go with them feels like..

Community Power User
Community Power User

You can start by reporting your coverage issue here.  Also have you turned off 5G and just used LTE to see if it improves your current issue(s)? You can also enable Wi-Fi calling if you're having issues in your home, you can follow the documentation here. 

Thanks for your suggestions but nothing works.. tried network reset, rebooted device, changed from 5G only to 5G auto to Lte and nothing has helped.. Trying to call the call-center sucks.. they make you wait for over 2 hours.. may be someone has such long patience.. call-back feature on call-center number is a joke and the call-center itself is a joke with someone from 1000miles away and they say i am in wrong queue.. the company has gone from excellent to extremely poor in the last year alone to be honest.. 

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Can confirm this in the GTA. Telus went from the best network to worst relatively quickly.

I just got off the chat with telus and felt the same way, their customer service has gone from #1 to 100. None of their 3rd party "employees" can do anything except make u run in circles hoping you give up. It used to be very reliant but now, it seems like after 15 years of loyalty, its time to switch our familys services to someone else