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BYOD new phone 10GB $60 activation.. but no papers to sign? (Suspicious employee behaviour)

Just Moved In

Hi, I just thought this was very odd.  I waited in a Telus store for about 2hrs yesterday to get my new iPhone 8 activated to the promo BYOD 10GB $60 plan and I did finally get the SIM card and plan.  But the Telus customer service girl suddenly said she couldn't get my "contract papers" to print off or something (even though I clearly saw she was able to print off agreement papers for the previous customer she was helping), and took my name and number down and advised me to come back the next day to sign the agreement.  (I was wondering why she couldn't just print it out using another customer service kiosk's printer or other store printers as I saw there were a couple of other printers there doing nothing -- it is a pain for me to drive after work during rush hour to the mall again just to sign the agreement, but anyway...)


So next day after work, I drive to the Telus store and waited another 20 mins to see the same girl and when I finally said "I'm here to sign the agreement", she said that's okay I don't need to sign anything.  (Wow, she made me come all the way to the mall for nothing, why didn't she realize this yesterday?? -_-)


Should I be worried?  I basically walked out the store with nothing but a debit machine receipt for the $22.60 payment of the SIM card.  


I know the BYOD 60GB $10 plan is a "no contract" plan, but it still seems odd that I wasn't given (and didn't sign) any terms of agreement papers.  It somehow doesn't feel official.





You have an online account, and of course you'll know it's legit when you get your first bill. Cat LOL


Sometimes things fail tho just when it's your turn. I was on a customer service call with Shaw once and about a minute into it, their entire computer system went down, but my rep on the line didn't know the system had gone down so he kept telling me he wasn't seeing anything wrong with my HD box. It was an absolute fiasco the ended with both of us losing patience and deciding to hang-up before we burnt the lines. Shaw called me back a few hours later to explain the issue, and they fixed it the next day. It's annoying and sometimes weird, but stuff happens.

thanks, Lola! Smiley Very Happy


You might wish to look at  your online account and see what plan you have.

It is my experience that they now have you sign on a tablet, electronically, and not on paper.


In any case, checking what your plan is online should help you determine if you are on it or not.