Apple watch plan details questoins (pricing and data)


Hello.  My mother has a consumer share plan with 6 GB data.  If she adds a $10 apple watch cellular plan (she already owns the cellular apple watch 3), does the watch have access to 6GB + 1GB or just the 1GB.


Second question - I see the activation fee is $35 if done in-store.  Is it any less online?  She started to click through the menus on her phone to activate the watch and it was $35 activation fee, but I seem to recall hearing its less online.  

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Community Power User

The $35 fee should be waived if done online, though it may end up being rebated instead.


I’m unsure about the data sharing, though I thought it was shared across all devices.


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I'm on the EPP plan and I can tell you that yes, the planned is shared across the 2 devices.