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Apple Watch Series 3


Does anyone know when Telus is going to activate the number share for Apple Watch series 3???? Its says coming later this year but when???


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Interestingly, at least one user claims to have it working 


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Interested I gotta get some details. I really want to get this activated.

Figured it out. Just activated through the Watch app. No issues. Watched activated immediately.

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Thanks for sharing your success.

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Well, still no activation for Business Accounts, thanks again... Oh! BUT, the Business Connect App for Apple Watch is up and running now! 🤦‍:male_sign:

What's the holdup?  It's been half a year since since the Apple Keynote said Telus would support the Apple Watch and still no Corporate Support?  The Telus Employee/Team in charge of this should be fired for their incompetence.  This is really unacceptable.  Hire me to replace him/her.  Even at Part Time, I will get this working within 1 month Guaranteed.

Telus is full of it. The watch is not available anywhere. except corporate stores. Yeah right! I've been on the with every store from Edmonton to Calgary. I can tell you what they've told me every-time. They don't have the Watch and they are not getting the watch. Customer care is zero help just keep sending me back to the same stores after I tell them what they have told me. So frustrating. It's like they know they dropped the ball but don't want to admit it. Well finally a straight answer form Telus, only took me a week and a half. As of Dec 23 at 11:30 am. There is no availability for the Apple watch 3. There is NO stock and they are unaware when they will receive additional stock. Those of you who have received their watch count your stars. As for the rest of us they will continue to honour the packages  previously offered. 

I have the same issue. I have the correct plan but can't get it to work. I spoke with their help desk today and was told that I need to go to the Telus store and have them load an e-SIM card. Which is odd because I had been to the store earlier today and they told me that I simply needed to follow the prompts on the Apple Watch app. I didn't have the new iOS loaded at the time so I left the store, updated the iOS and then got the Telus error msg (same as above).

I will try going to the Telus store tomorrow and post an update.

Wow thats a new kind of stupid. Sorry not to be rude but the TELUS rep should know that an E-sim means sim-LESS its an E or Electronic SIM. i.e built into the watch. 

More likely its carrier settings or IOS version that is your problem. Assuming you have a shareable plan which seems to be a pre-requisite. 

It was a painful call with the Telus rep. It was clearly her first time dealing with this issue. I told her that I bought the watch months ago and she wanted to give me instructions on how to pair it with the phone. I have the correct plan, have checked the updates on the phone and the watch, and looked through all my settings. I can't figure out why it doesn't work.

Any response as to why double the price of Bell?? Not a happy customer!

I was waiting on pricing from Telus and I must say I'm very disappointed!  l want the flexibility of not having to always having my phone with me for emergencies while running/cycling but considering the fact that it doesn't function overseas (I travel lots) and and I can easily take my phone with me cycling this makes this device too expensive to justify!  Bell's pricing is reasonable so I will be shopping them market for options as they become available...

Hey guys!

I too noticed the pricing difference between Bell and Telus. The one major difference for the $10 plan pricing is the 1GB data the give u. Bell let's u pay $5 just to use ur existing data and does not offer the extra 1GB for another $5. That's a good deal as its 1GB extra just incase u go over. Although I have the 12GB data promo plan it's great to have that extra 1gB.

Now as for the connection fee. For some reason telus feels the need to ask us to pay $10 more then bell to connect the watch. That's not fair. So after arguing with a rep over the phone. I spoke to a manager which in the ended waived the whole $20 connection fee for me since she seen how Bells pricing is lower.

Keep in mind as of now Telus is the only carrier that let's you finance the watch and pay monthy for it until it's been paid off. With Bell u need to pay the whole amount upfront.

In the end to each their own however if u feel like paying $5 more a month for a extra 1GB is a lot, then u can switch to Bell. Make sure u read reviews thought.

Hi @Opatril1!

As I'm sure you know by now our plan includes 1GB  data vs the one Bell has does not. 


Hi Denny, like NFtoBC mentioned, we don't know the "when" we just know it is something that is being worked on. Keep tabs on link over the next few months for any updates.

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Today dec 5 at 5:00pm mountain carrier setting update went out I set up my Apple Watch right after