Apple Watch Series 3


Apple Watch Series 3

Does anyone know when Telus is going to activate the number share for Apple Watch series 3???? Its says coming later this year but when???


It also used your shares data it’s stupid just an excuse to charge more money
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I’ve got 12GB already, don’t need 1GB more.

Telus is full of it. The watch is not available anywhere. except corporate stores. Yeah right! I've been on the with every store from Edmonton to Calgary. I can tell you what they've told me every-time. They don't have the Watch and they are not getting the watch. Customer care is zero help just keep sending me back to the same stores after I tell them what they have told me. So frustrating. It's like they know they dropped the ball but don't want to admit it. Well finally a straight answer form Telus, only took me a week and a half. As of Dec 23 at 11:30 am. There is no availability for the Apple watch 3. There is NO stock and they are unaware when they will receive additional stock. Those of you who have received their watch count your stars. As for the rest of us they will continue to honour the packages  previously offered. 

Why is there no support for business plans? Can anyone from TELUS comment? 


I guess they are keeping it a secret and don't want to reply.....

Wonderfull. Bought my LTE watch for no reason.

Yah I'm feeling the same way.....this sucks.....LOOKS LIKE I'M GOING BACK TO BELL......

Does anyone have their watch set up with Telus and working properly? I’ve done all the updates, gone through the watch/phone process. Accepted the Telus terms and Telus says it’s activated. My watch doesn’t work at all if I’m away from my phone and now connected via Bluetooth?

Hi Ralpmet!

Our Apple Watch plans and capability launch tomorrow! Stay Tuned!

Hi Nicole-Natassha:


Thanks for your help!  I am anxiously awaiting the news for corporate accounts b/c xmas is coming!


I really wanted to get an Apple Watch series 3 for my wife's xmas gift only because of the LTE functionality (and we are on a corporate account only).


So before I spend more than a thousand dollars on her xmas gift that will never truly work for her - is anyone able to tell me if Apple Watch LTE for telus corporate is plainly just never going to happen?

Hi @nonzerosum!

We are definitely working on getting the watch available for Corporate and Business clients! We, unfortuanitely, don't have a date we are able to share at this moment.

Are you any closer to providing a date for when Apple Watch will be available for Corporate customers?  Seems a long time to wait for your bigger clients.

Hi @Nautilus!

Unfortunately, we don't have any updates to share currently.

What's the holdup?  It's been half a year since since the Apple Keynote said Telus would support the Apple Watch and still no Corporate Support?  The Telus Employee/Team in charge of this should be fired for their incompetence.  This is really unacceptable.  Hire me to replace him/her.  Even at Part Time, I will get this working within 1 month Guaranteed.

Seriously? Why is it taking so long on getting the Business Accounts cellular data for Apple Watch networks up? it almost seems like you're punishing people for running a business accounts since you can easily get your Apple Watch setup with a Customer Account. Are you telling me that business and customer run on different networks? and this is actually a "technical" issue? or more like a billing issue?

How TELUS doesn’t allow share on the 10GB $60 plan? Bell’s version does!

Wow what a let down! Bought the watch and called to activate it and 2 hours later told sorry no can do sir!

Someone from TELUS help. Told me I need to pay $135 a month for the same plan and the watch!!
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Interestingly, at least one user claims to have it working 


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Interested I gotta get some details. I really want to get this activated.

Figured it out. Just activated through the Watch app. No issues. Watched activated immediately.
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Thanks for sharing your success.

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Well, still no activation for Business Accounts, thanks again... Oh! BUT, the Business Connect App for Apple Watch is up and running now! 🤦‍♂️