Apple Watch Plan for Corporate Accounts


Apple Watch Plan for Corporate Accounts

Hi. Any idea when Apple Watch plan will be available for corporate accounts?

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I've send you a private email with info i receive from wbs Solutions Center and my personal info...Thanks

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Hi @krazy_leb, although we don't have detailed information that can be shared with regard to the root cause of the issue, there should be a workaround in place with our Client Care team to allow for your watch to be activated.


Have you contacted our team at 1-866-558-2273 in the past few days? They should be able to help.


I've also sent you and @technbio a PM as well to gather additional information. Thanks!


My employer has allowed it. So that is not the road block. 


Would really like to hear from someone at TELUS what the hold up is for some watches


I called in and was told my employer had blocked activation of Apple Watches. I followed up internally and was told that they weren't going to allow it. 😞


Mine was bought at bestbuy and has been working since last week. Try calling Telus again.

Mine was bought through apple store still no activation yet....

Any update guys? My watch was not originally purchased through TELUS. Seems like those are the watches that are not able to activate. Am i wrong? 

Stil not works here receive an email from Telus saying the try to activate and are waiting data base update from apple for monday..

It works for me too. I went yesterday night to a NNC Solution center and they activated successfully my watch to the account without problem.


Ok good news. We’ve all waited so long for this day to come. Enjoy.

I called their tech support.  I had to provide the IMEI and EID numbers from the Watch and eventually they got it to work.  Took about 30 min of waiting on the phone as they were trying to figure out why it wasn't working.  I had to leave but checked a few minutes later and miraculously I was able to activate from my iPhone.


Pretty ridiculous that I had to call in to get this done but it got done.

Try calling tech support again. I wonder why some were able to connect and others weren’t.

Try calling Telus tech support. I wonder why some people were able to get activated and some not.

I called in this morning and was told my employer hasn't agreed to allow Apple Watch activations so it is blocked on their account.


Norhing new here in montréal waiting they told me 4 workings day its the second...

Not mine - I've been checking here and there.  Occasionally it will say Telus instead of Set Up Cellular and I think it's going to connect but then I get the same old screen saying to Contact Telus for assistance.  I'm guessing they're still working on it.  I suppose I could go on the Chat and/or call in like some here have done.  

It seems a bit odd that they haven't updated the product page that says it can only be activated on consumer accounts:


Hopefully this all becomes clear this week...

I've call to Telus give my IMEI and EID number on my applewatch  after one hour of trying  they told me they had problem with other customers like me ..put the fault on apple..technical services should contact me  next 2-3 days...


It's not working in Alberta so far...


Thanks Ron, that is great news! I hope it also works here in New Brunswick!


Well that's disappointing if that's the rate plan.  I did a chat with a Telus rep on the the Telus site and he was thinking mid-June... but he really had no clue.  Also no clue on the rate plan.


Telus CSR: Okay so we're getting a lot of calls and inquiries about the Apple Watch for corporate customers.  What can we tell them?


Telus Management:  Nothing - still working on it.


Telus  CSR:  But it's been like 6 months of questions about when and how much - are we really going to charge $10 a month when Bell is charging $5?


Telus Management:  Hey that's a secret - keep that to yourselves!  Besides, we are so top heavy with layers of inept management that we need to charge more to pay for their wages.


Telus CSR:  Oh good, so we may get raises?


Telus Management:  Hah!  Good one lowly worker.  Just keep beating back the angry hordes and be happy you're employed.  Remember, you don't know anything even though it's your job to know something.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!