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Apple Watch Plan for Corporate Accounts

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Hi. Any idea when Apple Watch plan will be available for corporate accounts?


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Hi no luck either. Telus couldn’t get my Apple Watch to connect. After trouble shooting they found out that because I had previously tried to connect my Apple Watch on my account for some reason it’s blocking today’s attempt to connect a line. Not sure if you guys can understand what i’m trying to say but basically they have to try to erase the previous demand for an Apple Watch line. They told me they would call me back tomorrow the latest.

So do we have to call in?  I was under the assumption we would be able to add the feature via the Apple Watch app on the iPhone...

Could it be? holy cow that took a long time

Any idea if this will work on any corporate account?

I've call to Telus give my IMEI and EID number on my applewatch  after one hour of trying  they told me they had problem with other customers like me ..put the fault on apple..technical services should contact me  next 2-3 days...

The agent said she’ll call me by the latest tomorrow as they’re working to solve this issue that a lot of customers are experiencing. What can I tell you guys we just have to wait. I’ll update once I get more info.

Looks like the system wasn’t accepting IMEI numbers for the watch. Said they were invalid. My rep said it’s doing it for everyone on a Business/Corp plan so Telus has to sort it out. As usual they try to throw Apple under the bus but I’m rather skeptical about that lol. They say within the next day or two it should be sorted out.....

It seems a bit odd that they haven't updated the product page that says it can only be activated on consumer accounts:


Hopefully this all becomes clear this week...

You would think some sort of real world testing would have occurred before "launching" this for corporate accounts... I suspect the testing is being done by us.


*slow clap* Well done Telus... well done.

I don't mind to be part of beta testing hopefully not Alpha..;-)

I have noticed that in the Apple Watch app, under Cellular it occasionally Flashes Telus before reverting back to Set Up Cellular - so it is attempting to connect to commence and complete setup but the process fails quickly.


I am curious why our account setups are different than the consumer plans?  I would think the process to activate LTE is the same?  To me, it's really just a difference of account classification - the mechanism to activate should be the identical... but hey I'm no expert.

Just got off the phone with Telus. The agent sent my case to their escalating tech support department. Says expect a call Thursday the latest🙄

In the mean time, there's an iOS and WatchOS update out. Something to help pass the time lol. 

Just receive an email from business solutions center They say that they have send my  IMEI number to apple to update there data base..they need four days...before activate my watch...

Yeah telus also called me and told me they’re working with Apple on a fix and should be settled by the end of the week.

Got the same issue here. Plan was created but Watch won't connect to cellular network

Got the total turnaround also. 45 min with Telus (after 20 min wait) to say its Apple's fault and to go to the store. Spent another 45 min with Apple on phone and got redirected back to Telus



Just curious if those of you who are on Telus corporate accounts have taken Marketing and understand the Technology Adoption Life Cycle? Corporate account customers should understand that the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE was meant for those early adopters who have the financial capacity to use these new gadgets. I'm just saying technical difficulties are to be expected with bleeding edge technology.



Bleeding edge? You do know that the Apple Watch was released in September 2017 and most major carriers have it right?

Hell even Telus had it on the consumer side since last December. The current issue is more incompetency than technical if you ask me

Yes, bleeding edge because no other smartphone or device is using an eSIM and no other smartwatch is voice enabled except the Series 3 Apple Watch.


Who knows what the current issue is but this memetics concept holds true for all technology related products.

I worked for a different telco for 7 years...I doubt the issue is the underlying network or operating equipment, but adjusting the billing system. To me that makes more sense why the consumer plans are officially supported but they can't get a firm position on corporate plans because the billing of corporate plans tends to be a lot more complicated. 


It's always sad when you want to give your money to a company and they just won't take it!


Around 5PM Eastern, everything started to work and my watch is now on LTE on a Business Account


Hi yeah mine is also Working. A Telus agent called me and had me try a few things and eventually got it to work.