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Apple Watch Plan for Corporate Accounts

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Hi. Any idea when Apple Watch plan will be available for corporate accounts?


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This Neighbourhood is inhabited by customers, just like you. We have no insight to Telus business plans, and no connection to the internal workings of Telus. We volunteer to share knowledge about Telus products and services which we have gained by experience or surmise. As such, the participants here would have no insight to timelines of Telus product or service releases.


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I was told today the end of May. I am holding out hope sooner or later. This cannot be so difficult. All I want to do is use their cellular line. I have the bloody watch and want to add to my service. What is the darn problem??? This is just plain stupid.



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This is crazy. How hard can it be. I was on the phone today for an hour before getting cut off. Their web page said you can add a watch to existing line for $10. When I called up they told me I needed to talk to a business account manager when they transferred me to the business account manager he told me I needed to talk to the non business side. Every time I stated to talk to express my frustration or ask questions they just talked over me. I added up my last months bill from multiple accounts I have with Telus and each month I pay over $1,300. I am happy to give that money to someone else if they cannot figure out how to make this work. Any one know if Roggers or Shaw will do this?

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Neither Rogers nor Shaw offer Apple Watch connectivity at all. Simply not available on their networks no matter what account.


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I was at a Telus store last week. One of the workers told me it’s not official but he heard mid May they’ll support it. Honestly the whole thing makes no sense. I switched from Rogers only to find out they don’t support the watch on corporate account. It’s really frustrating. Let’s hope it’s soon

Finally someone at Telus with the stones to hint at a timeline.  Let's hope they were accurate with that piece of info and not just blowing smoke up your tailpipe.

I really hope so. I just find the whole thing ridiculous. Really getting fed up of waiting especially when I know they offer the service for the consumer plan🙄

Tell me about it.  On top of all that the consumer plan is double that of Bell.  Telus wants $10 a month vs. the $5 Bell is charging.  I will seriously switch if the corporate rate is $10/month.  If it really is $10/month what was the point of all this waiting?  What would the benefit of being a Telus corporate customer?


Let's see if Telus actually gives us something worthwhile to stay loyal.

Telus has a $30 connection fee vs Bells $10. Bell definitely better for Apple Watch customers. Sad.

You want to tell me they charge $30 connection fee for the Apple Watch as well ?

That will be the icing on the cake for this Apple Watch fiasco at Telus.


Us: So um you want $10 a month and a $30 connection fee?  But you made us corporate customers wait since Dec for this service your regular customers had since Dec?


Telus:  Yeah but think of all the money you saved by waiting for our exciting new corporate plan!  We think outside the box here at Telus!


Us: ... Hello, Bell?  I'd like to switch

My account rep says they should be able to add my Apple Watch on Monday(May 28)... Sounds like the same $10/1GB plan that consumer accounts have. 

Well that's disappointing if that's the rate plan.  I did a chat with a Telus rep on the the Telus site and he was thinking mid-June... but he really had no clue.  Also no clue on the rate plan.


Telus CSR: Okay so we're getting a lot of calls and inquiries about the Apple Watch for corporate customers.  What can we tell them?


Telus Management:  Nothing - still working on it.


Telus  CSR:  But it's been like 6 months of questions about when and how much - are we really going to charge $10 a month when Bell is charging $5?


Telus Management:  Hey that's a secret - keep that to yourselves!  Besides, we are so top heavy with layers of inept management that we need to charge more to pay for their wages.


Telus CSR:  Oh good, so we may get raises?


Telus Management:  Hah!  Good one lowly worker.  Just keep beating back the angry hordes and be happy you're employed.  Remember, you don't know anything even though it's your job to know something.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Wow I really hope that true. So sad owning an Apple Watch that’s capable of using LTE but having no line from your provider. Do you really think your account rep knows what he’s talking about when he said Monday May 28?

@Ronwatch wrote:
Wow I really hope that true. So sad owning an Apple Watch that’s capable of using LTE but having no line from your provider. Do you really think your account rep knows what he’s talking about when he said Monday May 28?

Yea he's been really reliable in the past so I'm confident he's got good info. He'll be calling me to add it on Monday when he has the rest of the details.

Ok great can’t wait. Thanks for the good news.

I was unable to confirm the option for next monday with the business customer  service.. BUT..its seems they already have the formation on business i would bet less than 2 weeks..i've been told last time i phone before the end of the semester so before june 30..Hope it's true for monday keep in touch..

It's rather ridiculous that if they are in fact going to begin offering Apple Watch LTE support on the 28th, you would think they would start letting customers know.  Being in the dark over timelines and rate plans is rather annoying.  We shall see what happens on Monday.  I imagine there may be a carrier update on my phone associated with this?

Good news. Just went into a Telus boutique and asked one of the sales people if it’s true about Monday May 28 and he said yes it’s true it’s finally here. He said lots of people were upset that they had no line for their Apple Watch. I asked if it was going to be $5 or $10. He told me we really don’t know yet. Anyway it’s still good news. Thanks to everyone on this thread for sharing all the info. Good luck to you guys. Let me know how it goes on Monday.

Thanks Ron, that is great news! I hope it also works here in New Brunswick!


Any luck Ron?  It's past noon where I'm at and still nothing.

It's not working in Alberta so far...