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Apple Watch Plan for Corporate Accounts

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Hi. Any idea when Apple Watch plan will be available for corporate accounts?


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Community Power User

This Neighbourhood is inhabited by customers, just like you. We have no insight to Telus business plans, and no connection to the internal workings of Telus. We volunteer to share knowledge about Telus products and services which we have gained by experience or surmise. As such, the participants here would have no insight to timelines of Telus product or service releases.


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I've had two separate conversations with Telus Business help on the phone and they've both told me that the issue was simple and was to be resolved within three business days. That was the beginning of last week. I'm usually on hold for an hour before speaking to someone, who then puts me on hold for another 15-20 minutes before telling me that they just need to update my IMEI number and that it's not a problem. 


My watch was purchased new at the Apple Store and has not been used with any other carrier. 


What are my options for getting help online?



Awesome to hear @MelH!! I've sent you a message. 

Finally got my Apple Watch up and running today, thanks to @DanR for his help and following up for me.  Process was admittedly very frustrating.


Question now about the data usage, I have the 1GB option on my watch.  Is this data separate from my phone plan's 6GB?  Thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@cyberdeath I'm happy to have been able to help! And yes, the watch exists on a secondary "line" on your account, and it has its own 1GB of shareable data. Any data on your phone's plan is separate. 

So....I decided to place a call from my watch yesterday and today noticed I had an extra charge for that phone call.  I called in and they told me they didn't know what was happening and asked me to call after I get my bill.  He said if they couldn't figure it out I would have to call in every month to get charges reversed 😞

Community Manager
Community Manager

@cyberdeath, that sounds odd, you shouldn't be charged extra for those calls. Were the current charges reversed, at least? Feel free to send me a PM once the bill comes in, and if there are any outstanding issues I'll be happy to assist. 

They didn't reverse it when I called.  They asked me to call back when I receive my bill.

Well it looks like my suspicions have been confirmed.


If you buy the Apple Watch from Bell, Telus will refuse to activate it on their network. Period.


They will give some technical reason and use words like ineligible but it doesn't take a genius to see through the misdirection. If you buy it from the Apple store and it is activated on the Bell network first then you change to Telus, they will be able to make it work with a work around, contact @telussupport on Twitter for help. At this point I'm going to wait for Series 4 to be released in the fall before I look into getting LTE setup again. 


Much appreciation and thanks to @MelH for trying to sort it out for me!! You rock!

Just wondering if i decided to put in sale my watch to get version 4 do i understand the the next owner have to be with telus to activate again the watch...

Seems to depend where you bought it. It it was bought from Apple, it should be no issue with going to either carrier. I haven't been able to find out yet if Bell is picky about devices bought through Telus. 

I bought mine in the USA and apple support confirms it should work with Telus. Telus tells me because it was not bought from them or Apple Canada they will not activate it. This makes no sense.

Further to this saga, I got the watch(purchased from Bell) replaced under AppleCare+ and the replacement activated fine with Telus. So this is simply Telus playing dirty and blocking certain devices from being used on their network. Not that I expect any better, but you'd think a company would make it easy to give them money in anyway they can...

I bought an Apple Watch LTE from a sport chek in Calgary, apparently TELUS can’t connect to because the IMI number is American.... I feel your pain.

@DanR I am wondering if you can help me with setting up my AppleWatch with my corporate Government of Alberta account. I have had the previous version attached and activated. I cancelled the plan since my watch broke and I was waiting for AppleWatch 5. Now I’m being told that they had activated the old ones by mistake and there is nothing they can do. Hoping you could help.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Hockeystar, unless you're listed as an authorized admin on the account, you will probably need to have your IT administrator call in to have this done. With large government accounts, there isn't really a way around this due to security policies. If there are any specific details pertaining to this that you need to review, please feel free to PM and I'll be happy to have a chat about it!

Thanks @DanR, pm’d you. Thanks in advance for your help

Hi Dan - I’ve come across this thread and am having this same difficulty setting up my Apple Watch. I’ve called in twice and talked for nearly two hours each time and still no luck. Since you seemed to have an understanding of this issue, hoping you might be able to help me!

I’m in the same boat in trying to get my new Apple Watch activates under my EPP Peace of Mind Plus account. Please pm me if you’ve had luck in with this. TIA

In december they told me 8 weeks..last week told me before the end of rhe semester..real joke..

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Just adding to this thread. Not sure what the rationale for the internal strife at Telus, but there is inconsistency in how they are responding about if a watch can be activated under a corporate account. I had email confirmation,prior to me aquiring a watch, that my particular account can have an Apple Watch. Got one and phoned in the IMEI and EDI to be told that my cooperate account does not alllow watches. I guess the story is you cannot trust telus’ words in writing.


Hey guys, has anyone heard any update on this?