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Anyone know if the MikroTik LTE porducts will work with rural smart hub sim cards?


I am trying to boost my TERRIBLE rural smart hub speeds and have had no luck with cell boosters. I came across the MikroTik LTE products and have had sales people tell me conflicting information. Anyone tried these or know if they are compatible with the sim card from a rural smart hub?


wAP-LTE kit-US

LtAP mini LTE kit-US




Rather than a cell booster, which is an "extra hop" have you considered trying an external antenna for your smart hub?  You might need to find the direction of the cell tower and use a directional antenna.  And you might have to put it on a mast outside...


I can't answer for Telus but I doubt they will let you put the SIM card in another device.  These are restricted as to where they will work....

Done all of the above and my up speed is still lower than 0.3mb most days. I've thrown money at the problem with little to no improvement. The MikroTik products are far superior to any antenna and or booster system. 

I had only seen mention of cell boosters in the previous posts which is why I suggested the external antenna.  I cannot confirm or deny the answer to your question as to whether you can take out the SIM card of your existing Telus device or not.  This all depends on how they've set it up and I am not privy to this information.  They have done something to geographically restrict this particular service. If someone else knows, they have not spoken up, and I am sure the first 3 layers of tech support won't know either.  If you do try it, please do let us know the results and good luck.

You might want to find out if Telus uses FDD or not, the LTE Category is 4 which Telus does use, but it is a high frequency so probably not useful to you. Telus might use FDD, which is more suited to a dedicated internet device, but that's not guaranteed and their FDD frequencies are more plentiful on the device. You may wish to ensure that you can return it if it doesn't work.