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Adjust number of rings




Home phone allows me to select the number of rings before a call goes to voicemail. Can I do the same with mobility?






@Shane  You will likely have to google your phone make they are probably all different.

@polecat I'm using Telus' voice mail (instead of an on-device solution).

I added this as an idea.

I've known this to be a feature on landlines for quite some time. When I searched it for mobiles, I found that some mobile providers had it, but not that I could see, Rogers or Telus.  This would be something that I could see would benefit people...

Right now it rings seven times for the callers and ten times on my mobile. I was hoping to reduce it.

Community Power User
Community Power User

There are some hacks, which may, or may not allow you to change the number of rings on some phones, and some voicemail services, but effectively, the answer is no.


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Didn't there used to be a short code to change the number of rings on your device or was it an option that once existed within the voicemail settings...  It has been so long since I have changed mine, currently set to 5, that I don't recall exactly how.  I do have the premium voicemail though that allows me to have multiple greetings and saving more than just a few messages.  Perhaps Support will have the answer.