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Adding Family Members to Telus Plan


Hey folks,


I have a Telus Mobility plan with a device (and balance & contract). 
I have an extra phone that I was hoping to give to one of my kids, just in case of emergencies.

I asked if there were any "family" plans, or anything like this - and they basically said there wasn't. You can add people to your account - but they need their own plan.


The best they could offer was Voice 25, which is unlimited calling/text nationwide ($25/mth) and then for data, I could do this "Data Flex" which gives an ABSURD 150mb/month for $15, or I could buy him a plan that bundles calling and data, starting at $80/mth.


These prices are ridiculous. 


I'm just curious if anyone else has their kids attached to their account and what kind of deals/promos you might have received?  


My hope was to pay for something like Voice 25 ($25/month) and then just SHARE my data. But, Telus doesn't offer that - not sure if the competition does, but that's my next step.


Love to hear other people's experiences in this situation.





On the Unlimited Plans the family part would be the family discount based on how many lines are on the account. With 2 lines each would receive a $7.50 discount per month, $10/mo if 3 lines and then $15/mo off with 4+ lines.


If you were looking for a lower cost plan then what is available under the TELUS brand for your child there is the starter plans available through Koodo which begin at $35 with 3GB of 3G data.


The only thing with that is have to be aware with Koodo is that have a limited amount of data per month which would be paused if it’s hit with an option to top up to regain data vs. the no overage charges unlimited but reduced speed plans offered through the TELUS brand.


Both options would still be using the TELUS network so it comes down to if the bit extra after the family discount has been applied is worth the added peace of mind of having an unlimited data option and being able to keep everything on one bill vs two separate bills a month.

Unfortunately, an Unlimited plan would start at $80/mth, but as you say, I would receive a discount bringing it down to $72.50/mth which is still an absurd amount of money to add a second user onto an account.

The Koodoo plan sounds like a more reasonable option - but I have no idea how I would even start with that, and it's probably a hassle.

So, I'm thinking I might have to opt for Voice 25 with unlimited talk/text for $25/mth and just make sure that no data is allowed to avoid any data charges. 

It really sucks that telecom companies like Telus give families the big ol' middle finger when it comes to providing affordable options to keep our kids safe with mobile phones. 

There is absolutely no reason why a company like Telus can't provide a data share plan for families.  Each member pays $25/mth for unlimited talk/text and then say a pool of 20gigs of data they can all draw on for maybe an extra $25/mth. 

I haven't talked to Telus yet, my current contract is about to end so I browsed the other providers for offers first since I couldn't find any good deals on family plans and want to add several lines to my account when I renew my contract. I sure hope Telus will offer some sort of price match or off to Bell I go. Bell offered me 15gb fast shareable data rest is slowed but unlimited data with unlimited calling and texting nationwide for $60 for 1st line and $45 for each additional line. They also were willing to make deals on device discounts. I hope this helps.

Friendly Neighbour

This means you will need to spend more to have another plan to add family members?

You would have a regular Unlimited plan and then receive a family discount per line based on how many lines are on the account. With 2 lines would receive a $7.50/mo discount on each line, 3 lines would receive $10/mo off each and 4+ would save $15/mo on each line.

Friendly Neighbour

Thanks for the clarification.

Just Moved In

I have a TELUS plan since 2006. I added my daughter in 2015 and yesterday, my son. Before adding a line for my son, I've spent hours, at different statutory holidays, to browse the web site and the "bonuses" offered to Telus loyalty members, in the hope that indeed, three persons on the same account, gets feasible at affordable monthly rate on a new phone-any!! I had tried many cheap approaches to obtain anew phone as my daughter was quite often dropped her phone on the ground. So I thought that TELUS offers solutions even though I'm out of their area of business, located west of Canada. The PCmobile shop "experts" gave me a show, pretending they didn't know that a 25$ monthly plan will not accept a phone from open box or Motorola GW...basic. So, after to hours of debate with their "favorite" TELUS reps and phones put on speaker loud to allow me hear the 20 times: NO-NO_NO_NOTHING, I am told to BYOD. I did sign up for this, but I see that Customer service went to another level: from cheating and rip-off the client, to "impro-live theatre-cheat-then-ripoff customer. TELUS, why do you select only LOYAL RICH CUSTOMERS rather than all loyal customer?