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Add Tablet to Peace of Mind Connect Plus Plan

Just Moved In
I currently have a peace mind connect plus plan and wanted to add a tablet to my account. Currently when attempting to do so online I am not prompted with the peace of mind option thst would enable me to add a tablet under my account and would be forced to pay the $10 a month for the unlimited share option.

Is it still possible to add devices on the old Peace of mind plans?

Community Power User
Community Power User

You will likely need to contact a Telus Representative directly to learn what options might be available n older plans.


See the Contact Us section into page footer.


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Friendly Neighbour

I tried to add a new device today and was told that I couldn't add devices to my Peace of Mind Connect plan any longer since the plans were no longer available for new customers.  I made a post about it's a bait & switch.


You should still able to add a tablet or connected device to the plan. They would just have to use promo code: POMC-ACCESS when adding it. Not sure about other provinces but I know in SK it’s listed at the bottom of the rate plan brochures for existing Peace of Mind Connect customers.

Just Moved In

Managed to get some tablets added by going into a corp store and finding an agreeable employee who knew what they were doing. Unfortunately that doesn't work with smartwatches. The person in escalations said my plan (PoMC Ultra) was 'expired' and I'd have to pay $10 to add a watch onto the plan. Ended up filing a complaint here and I suggest others do that as well. This is a blatant bait-and-switch -- they can't just decided to remove features from a plan and then say that they didn't change the plan.