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Accidentally Removed Apple Watch Plan from Watch.

Hello, I had an Apple watch plan on an Apple Watch Series 4 with Telus. I was having issues with my Apple Watch and did a factory reset on it, including deleting the apple watch plan. I did not call Telus to cancel the plan. I ended up fixing the issue with the watch, however how do I reactivate my apple watch plan to the watch again. I am scared to just add a plan to the new watch as I don't want to have a new plan and pay the $35 activation fee all over again, I simply want to reactivate the same plan onto the watch. If I just go and setup a plan on the new watch, would that just transfer the plan over, or would I be setting up a brand new, 2nd plan?



When goto reactivate cellular it should give you the option to transfer plan. Once you do that it should just read the plan back on your watch without an activation fee.