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5G Costs On Plans


Anyone know how much TELUS is going to charge for 5G? it looks like Bell and Rogers are charging, but I'm curious about TELUS too.


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Community Power User

We will only know once Telus releases the information. That being said with the latest and greatest there is always an added costs. 

I am sure it will be inline with what other carriers are charging.

Hello @Flanuck

Bell charges $10 a month. However as of April 10 2021? They will no longer charge that fee.

" Telus, which launched its 5G network a week ago, has also noted that it won’t be charging for 5G service next year. After launching its 5G network early this year, " directly from MobileSyrup

So the price is either $10-$15a month. No more, no less. Bell -$10 and Rogers -$15. So inbeween those

Currently TELUS has no plans to charge separately for 5G access as per their announcement and the articles on MobileSyrup, this is unlike what Rogers and Bell had initially announced where they planned to start charging next year for 5G access. TELUS Peace of Mind plans are 5G ready.

Hello @DN97

Can you provide a link to this article? The article I seen says that Telus as of next year will not be charging a fee for the 5G service. However we are still in 2020 not 2021. So unless they made a new article which says that? I haven't seen it.