$50 migration fee from personal to corporate???


So Telus you have just lost two customers today. My personal contract recently expired and I wanted to renew my account with the Employee Purchase Program that is offered through my work.


Since I am already an existing Telus customer, they are going to charge me a $50 migration fee + a $35 dollar connection fee. However, if I was a brand new customer to Telus, I wouldn't to pay this fee. Why I am paying this fee?? Why are you charging long time customers with extra fees, that in my opinion are ridiculous. I can take my business over to Rogers, sign up for their corporate plan, which will give me the same rates as Telus will, same phone and sim card....and I will not have to pay that fee. 


Not to mention I have spent almost 2 hours on the phone trying to get a hold of someone in corporate. When I ended up getting an agent, they were not helpful and told they needed to transfer me to someone in sales. So now I am on hold again. 



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Once you move to the EPP plan, you are outside Telus' management of your account - your account is managed by whomever is providing telecommunications to the corporation employing you. This would be the reason you are having difficulty attempting to address this through Telus customer services.


The $35 is the connection fee for purchasing a new device.


The $50 is likely the fee charged by the EPP supplier for set up of the account, etc.


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