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10GB PLAN for $60 and phone upgrade question?


I got the 10GB plan but paying $85 because of a phone upgrade. I also had to pay an upfront fee for the phone as well. My question is after the 2 years and the phone is paid off will the plan revert back to $60? I am basically paying $25 more a month but that is too pay the phone off ($600 over 2 years). If the plan won't revert back to $60 after the 2 years then its better to buy a phone out right and pay $60 a month. I can't get a hold of TELUS online chat and I can't even get through on *611. 

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You know, I think for all the trouble and abuse the companies have received over this offer, they should forgo such offers in the future. As I've said before, they should let Freedom do what Freedom wants to do, let customers go there, they won't stay there.  Freedom cannot yet offer reliable, wide-range service and it'll be years before they can, if they ever can. Let people make and regret their mistake, then, when those customers come crawling back to the big 3, the big 3 can beat them some more with even higher prices as "deals." Smiley LOL 

I actually had no issue with missing the deal. I figured after I wasn't able to make contact on the 17th or 18th that it was done, and that was fine. But the fact they followed up with an email on December 27th indicating I was eligible for the promotion, and that a customer service representative would call me in 5-7 days, that is the issue. I never received a call. I answered the email and did not receive a response. I called in and would have been able to get the plan on Monday, so set up a callback later that same day, which was never made. They finally called back the next day and the plan was no longer possible. My issue is their customer service. They are a huge company. If they did not have the resources, then don't make the promise in first place. Customer service 101. Keep your promises.

@LinAnn wrote:

I received an email Dec 27th saying I was eligible for the $60 10GB plan and would receive a callback in 5-7 days. The callback never came. I replied to the email inquiring and again received no response. I finally called TELUS myself and, three days later, am told that the plan is no longer available. Although the plan seems to have been available the first day I called, but again a lack of response from TELUS delayed things until now. 


Customer service isn't rocket science. Keep your promises.

Your mistake was waiting for Telus. Literally every other carrier was matching this offer. You could have walked into any other Carrier's store and been up and running in minutes. That's what my sister did. She was with Koodo but could not get through on the phone. Instead of waiting she went to a Telus store and was signed up with Telus in a few minutes.