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10GB PLAN for $60 and phone upgrade question?


I got the 10GB plan but paying $85 because of a phone upgrade. I also had to pay an upfront fee for the phone as well. My question is after the 2 years and the phone is paid off will the plan revert back to $60? I am basically paying $25 more a month but that is too pay the phone off ($600 over 2 years). If the plan won't revert back to $60 after the 2 years then its better to buy a phone out right and pay $60 a month. I can't get a hold of TELUS online chat and I can't even get through on *611. 

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Friendly Neighbour
Has a similar issue, they actually deleted my post.

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Community Power User

A number of posts were merged. Possibly your posts are among those merged.


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Friendly Neighbour
There is no reason to merge the posts, lose the flow of an actual issue a client has. Nice touch merging post and bury something you can't answer. "SWEET" job telus representative chat guru!

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Community Power User
Most posts today are long call in times on hold and disconnected. Nothing wrong with those being merged and kept together.

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They were slammed today so I feel for the staff. I wouldn’t have jumped away from Telus so soon though. I was 919 in line for online chat, waited hours and then got disconnected. Tried the phone, waited for hours again and finally switched with ease. Rogers, Fido and Bell are only offering theirs for 24 months where Telus has this offer with no expiry for as long as you have the plan. Perhaps that’s why they were so busy today because 24mths is crap.

No, Bell is permanent I am sure.

No, Rogers is NOT offering it for only 24 months. The promo is permanent for as long as you keep the plan. I have confirmed this with multiple Rogers reps today including a couple of managers. They initially capped it to 24 months but then changed it to make it permanent.

Helpful Neighbour

I too waited for almost 2 hours and Telus automatically disconnected me. Went online to use the chat feature and there were 1039 people ahead of me. No thanks. Now the 10GB $60 plan is no longer offered. So upset right now. 

Helpful Neighbour

I could have done it via my account this morning but the plan was not on the list for me to choose (my phone is no longer under contract) so I was forced to call customer service which I couldn't get through after almost 2 hours. What a joke.

Helpful Neighbour

Both Fido and Bell still offer the plan and it's so easy to do it online with Fido. A few clicks and it's done. Thanks very much Telus for pushing your customers away.

 I am having the same issues. In store, they told me they are honoring it for existing customers but we had to call customer support. Not sure why they are so unprepared for a promotion.

The $60 for 10GB (unlimited talk + text) is a great deal and all, and we should all definitely be trying to take advantage of it. Althought, I can't help but feel frustrated, but not about the wait times, but about:
-Why this is a phone in deal that Telus thought they could sweep under the rug?
-Why is this only being offered as a counter offer to the other two providers that make up the Big 3?*
-Why is it only available to "NEW" "BYOD" customers?
-How is Telus able to offer such a large $/GB discount if they weren't gouging us before? (Hint: They were and still are gouging, and don't start with the "infrastructure" argument sheep)

Here's the math from my account, as an example:
2x Lines (Both brand new Pixel 2's)
We're on a "corporate" pricing structure (supposedly better than consumer pricing).
$217.95 total for 6GB shared data, or $36.33/GB.

If you were to use the $60 for 10GB ($6/GB) "deal" pricing structure, for the above, here's what we should be getting/paying:

$217.95 for ~36GB
6GB (we currently have/are paying for) for ~$36

That's ~80% (~$180) in savings. Now, I don't know about you, but I've NEVER gotten 80% off anything before.


We as consumers and customers should hold the Big 3* accountable for this "limited offer" "price drop" "deal". I for one wouldn't and won't take no for an answer. None of this "new customer" of "BYOD" nonsense. I've filed a complaint with the CRTC as well as the CCTS as this "deal" only incriminates the Big 3* with further collusion. How does this not prove the oligopoly going on here that everyone knows is existent? There is no competition for the consumer; say what you want about game theory, etc. By the way, the CCTS is a "free" and "impartial" service that only attempts to resolve complaints, but recommends you deal with the provider first. Same thing with the CRTC. These are hoops designed to tire us out as we jump through them. We can all remember the eye-rolling ads that Bell, Rogers and Telus (The Big 3*) took out when Verizon was going to come in and steal all their business because they were going to provide REAL competition and force each other to compete, which it's the CRTC's job to make sure they do, which they don't.


So please, do get this deal, don't take no for an answer, but DO also complain. Don't let Telus and their best friends Bell and Rogers sweep this under the rug as they panic to close this to the public as they are only now realizing it's impact and that they don't have the infrastructure (irony intended) to handle the volume of interest by their customers and consumers. This should be the baseline, basic package, not some sort of limited time deal, they know it, and we know it.


Please use this link, to complain about this further, as complaining on Telus' moderated forum, will most likley fall on deaf ears, as this was probably designed to steal ideas for cheap/free:


Do not stop when you get hung up on, do not stop when the online "support" disconnects, do not stop if the Twitter account does not respond, and by the way, it's not the Support Team's fault what-so-ever. They probably read that email and knew the firestorm that was coming before any of the suits did, so be polite, but firm, and above all, show as much loyalty to this company, as they show to you, the existing customer. (Hint: 0)

Cheers, and good luck.

Chris Blasius

It applies to existing customers. I was able to switch today.

Their support channels are always clogged up for hours. They keep raising prices supposedly to bring new tech and features but are ignoring the most important part Customer Service. Why is this? Why can Shaw (which i despise as a corporation ) get it right? Why is there no call back feature like Shaw has? Are they too busy building condo towers?

Just Moved In

@Kimi wrote:

Their support channels are always clogged up for hours. They keep raising prices supposedly to bring new tech and features but are ignoring the most important part Customer Service. Why is this? Why can Shaw (which i despise as a corporation ) get it right? Why is there no call back feature like Shaw has? Are they too busy building condo towers?

All of the mobile carriers have poor customer service, just in different ways.


Telus has pretty good social media presence. Under normal conditions their phone service is good, but they should bring back their "call me back" version they had 15 years ago. That would have solved this. Telus's hiring system is ridiculous, giving you quizzes and simulations on 20 year old software.


Rogers ignores social media. After one heated call with Rogers I refused to ever call them again. Their people at the store will tell you to call in to change personal info, their call center people will tell you to go to the store. Basically Rogers doesn't care about existing customers. Rogers doesn't even care about the type of staff they hire, as they have the most impersonal hiring system of the four, where you never get a call back unless you make yourself look like sales is your life in their personality quiz.


Shaw is new to the mobile game, but Shaw, like Rogers, seems to care more about acquiring new customers than saving existing ones. Shaw's hiring process consists of multiple layers of interviews, but at least you get one, unlike Telus and Rogers.


Don't get me started on Bell. It's like, why even bother.


But to keep this on topic. The "60$ National plan with 10GB" is a big deal, but it appears to only be provisionable as a "retention" plan, possibly by a retention department. This is typical of how competative services work. Before LNP (Local Number Portability) you had to cancel your phone by calling your mobile carrier, say you want to cancel, and you'd get sent to the retention department and offered save offers before you canceled. Then you went to the new carrier and got the new plan, number and locked into a 2 year contract or so. If you canceled before your contract was up, you got hit with anything from $125 to $450 in cancellation fees. Today, people just go directly to whoever offers the best deal, so the save offers pretty much have to be created with less than a days notice.


Nobody in their right mind would switch to Freedom Mobile unless they live in downtown Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or Toronto and don't travel. They have no coverage anywhere else. and compare that with Telus/Rogers/Bell. If you zoom in, you'll also notice that Telus's coverage is primarily in the West, and only in city cores out east, and the opposite is true of Bell. Rogers has coverage in all the city cores, but weak coverage outside of it. Just look at Highway 1. So no carrier can actually advertise "best coverage" because their coverage maps are all swiss cheese, and they all rely on each other to make it look more solid.



Friendly Neighbour

yes , they do..  i do it from time to time.

i waited multiple times and got disconnected everytime since wednesday! Sent an email with no reply...tried live chat but 1248 people ahead of me... then waited 45 minutes this morning and got disconnected so tried again during the day and got disconnected again after 25 tried on the way home ans spent 2 hours before getting disconnected again!


Very frustrating...been with telus for over 18 years....

I've been waiting on chat to get switched to the 10gb/$60 plan. When I started two hours ago there 1140 ahead of me. Half an hour ago there were 178, and that number hasn't gone down. I'm afraid I've been frozen out and will have to start over again. Is that what this means?

Here's a tip to everyone. Don't refresh the page if you're waiting to chat with a Telus rep. I just did that and now am back to 1241 ahead of me. After 2 1/2 hours. This is ridiculous.

Are you on medication? This offer was not even available on Wednesday, so I don't know what you are even talking about. 


The deal for this was December 16 - December 18, 2017.

This offer was available since Dec 9 as a retention deal. It only just blew up recently in the last few days.