10GB PLAN for $60 and phone upgrade question?


10GB PLAN for $60 and phone upgrade question?

I got the 10GB plan but paying $85 because of a phone upgrade. I also had to pay an upfront fee for the phone as well. My question is after the 2 years and the phone is paid off will the plan revert back to $60? I am basically paying $25 more a month but that is too pay the phone off ($600 over 2 years). If the plan won't revert back to $60 after the 2 years then its better to buy a phone out right and pay $60 a month. I can't get a hold of TELUS online chat and I can't even get through on *611. 

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@haoxiaotian Your on the 10Gb plan and not being charged extra.. You’ve just changed the access point name APN it’s what telus uses.



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Why isn't there a link online or in myaccout to get on this plan?

I just got this plan. Should anyone be generous enough and send me a PM on how to save some money on my next bill, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!

Telus 10GB.JPGI'm curious why the telus site is showing that the 10GB is shareable Canada wide.  Any clarity on this

@jasonv93 The talk & text plans are plans Telus no longer offers. You can only find references to them in a web search with links to outdated pages on Telus.


Current plans are offered here.



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So how come it was offering 10GB data with unlimited nationwide talk and text. Did this plan come up in the far past or something

It's to do with Freedom and how Rogers was testing the water...all the carriers mirror one another. From a per gigabyte price point, this deal can't be beat with the major carriers. Only the foolish would consider Freedom but I'm thankful they stirred the pot.

Yes, that's the same thing I was told on Saturday.


I am an existing Telus customer, on month to month, and I was on hold for 2hrs to talk to a CSR about switching to the $60/10GB plan.  Once I got through, the CSR was very courteous and answered all of my questions professionally.  One of my key questions was whether tethering/personal hot spot was allowed on this new plan.  He did not know the answer, so he forwarded it to their own internal Tech Support team (who were also slammed on the weekend).  I waited another 10min with the CSR, then he offered to call me back once he heard back.  I was nervous that i'd lose my place, but he assured me he had my info down and would call me right back.


Long story short, he called me back in another 10 minutes to CONFIRM that tethering/personal hot spot was allowed on this new plan.  He said that's exactly what the team told him.  As discussed, the "non-shareable" part of this deal is in relation to family plan sharing, where multiple people share pooled data.  Sharing with your own devices is fine.  That's when I agreed to switch to the new $60/10GB plan.


However, after I was switched over, I also get the message about contacting Telus to enable Personal Hot Spot on my iPhone X right now.  I emailed customer service yesterday, and expect a follow up response today (response eta is 24hrs).

let us know the follow cup response if you can! Thanks for sharing

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Thank you for your response. So it's not me alone.

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Why not give it a try and see?


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I have and it's not working. Spoke with CS they said it's not included. Read somewhere on web it is.. then contacted support they say it is however not working at the moment.. So not sure now who is correct.. and Rogers end there Promotion tommorow so I would like to know sooner then later..
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Telus was aware of the tethering issue and should be fixed in a few days as per what a CSR rep stated.

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Unfortunately this is my last contract with telus. After 8 years with them and many headaches with them they just get it together. This year I've moved provices, called them to switch my phone number, they advised me to keep my current one cause it was cheaper coming from Saskatchewan and whenever a promo plan comes in I'd have to call and ask them to switch me to that particular plan so they can change my number. 3 months go by I hear about this new 60$/10g plan that's being offered so I call and to my surprise I can't get through to any of the customer service representatives for 2 days. I finally get through and of course this offer isn't being given to existing customers "it's for new customers only" and the only way I can get it I'll have to buy out my phone and then I'd be able to get it. Like I said early I've been a client for over 8 years and only new clients get this particular phone, paying less for the phone and getting a better plan. I've very displeased with how old telus clients are being treated, and in no way I'll be resigning with them in the near future.

So you are complaining because:

A: You have a cheaper rate because you came from Saskatchewan and to keep that cheaper rate that's not offered where you live you can't change plans.  They are being nice letting you keep that cheaper rate and although I wish the rates were the same across the country they are not.


B  You are taking issue with the 10 gig $60 plan because it is BYOD (Bring your own device), which is exactly the SAME as the other carriers are offering.


So you are going to someone else as a provider, who would have treated you exactly the same as Telus did?


Business is a numbers game, and especially when you have 9 million customers, you have to get those numbers right, or you fail.  I'm not defending any particular carrier here, they all have to run their numbers on anything they do - and yes, I know they make a lot of profit....that's not related to this story.


Telus has pretty good service and pretty good coverage.  They treat me fairly.  I also deal with Rogers, and they treat me fairly too.  I don't see how jumping ship is going to change things.  The next time your new provider comes out with a special and you aren't willing to adhere to the terms, are you going to leave them too?


Your "great loyalty" extends as far as you want special treatment and don't think they should be allowed to treat you exactly the same as another carrier would, which in this case, is BYOD.  I just don't get it.

Bill, I don't get it either...why you're trolling. Time to step away from this forum (and/or the internet altogether) and take off, eh!

Not trolling.


The original poster is complaining about Telus merely doing what every other carrier did, which is adhere to the plan.  Not trolling, it is pointing out the obvious.  The customer was not "wronged" in any way.

Please take a minute to read the Block rules.

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You mean this one?  this would mean that the original post does not comply with the rules, which is my point...the original post is taking out frustrations on Telus and kicking up a storm over them doing nothing wrong.


"We are here to listen and to help. Please try to help us focus on what we can do to help you rather than simply taking out your frustrations on us. Making you happy is our goal."

Try be a customer for over 20 yrs and just renewed my contact last month and finding out they won't budge one bit unless I by out my new contract. I'm done, next contract is not getting renewed, I'm going elsewhere, they don't care one bit about their customers. Just like they set up these forums and don't read them

Edmontonuser, no other carrier would treat you differently if you were under contract. This offer was for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) customers only.


Telus gave you the option to buy out your contract, in effect giving you full ownership of your phone, so you could take advantage of the offer but you refused. All the other carriers were treat their contract customers the same way. I know because I spoke to a lot of people who were in the same boat as you and none of them could make the move unless they bought out their contracts.


If you are looking for an excuse to leave Telus this isn't it.