why does every hour every day does telus take out money that isnt used?


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everytime top up my account,under transation 'account adjustment' it takes out 0.01$-1$ every hour every day.In the details it says 'data usage transaction time'

why does it take out money?I top it up for me to use to get ahold of my daughter

what is account adjustment?Thought telus got better.top up my cell than right away telus takes it out.


It sounds like your phone is using data. Have you asked them to add the data usage block to your account? It will disabled MMS (picture messaging), but it is the only way to prevent this from happening. 

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Pay-per-use data quickly mounts in cost. Another option if this is a pre-paid account and you need to keep data, is to set up an automatic payment, and an automatic purchase of a $10 (100MB) data bucket.  This will still allow the use of data, and not cost you the high pay-per-use amounts.

We do an automatic $10 top-up each month, buy a $10 data add-on, and occasionally buy a bit of extra time for minutes. I usually add about $25 - $50 per year to keep the minutes available.

If you have no need for data, @Dark_Knight makes the best suggestion.

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Disable data on your phone. Enable it when you need it, to send or receive a picture or very long text, then disable it again.