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view pictures from cell phone

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I want to view a picture my cell phone would not open


Community Power User
Community Power User

This is a recurring topic. As requested on all the others, you'll need to provide a lot more information.


Start with:

  • What type of phone?
  • Operating System? (Android 4.2/4.3/4.4, iOS 6/7/8, Windows 7.x/8.x, Crackberry)
  • What Application are you using?

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Was it a picture you took or a picture someone sent you?

someone send pictures

Sent in an text message (MMS) or email? Is the problem that you can't open it or that you didn't get it?

Really, if you want help you'll need to actually provide some information about he problem instead of us playing 20 questions.

The original poster is not replying... and has already been answered in another thread they opened.


Please search the forums for these recurring queries.  Hint; the service has been discontinued...