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Hi, i' am going to calgary in a couple weeks , & i'm wondering if i'll be charged for roaming fees for using my phone out there. Never had to use my phone when im out of province before, so its just a small concern. Any help would be appreciated , thanks ! Smiley Happy




No you wont be charge roaming at all that's for sure.

Roamingo only applies whenever you use your phone outside of Canada.


However, you may wanna add a long distance feature to your acount since you will be going to an area outside of your local.

If your plan inludes 10 favourite numbers, add the numbers you will be communicating frequently while you're there.


TELUS offers 2 LD features, Nationwide 10 for 100 LD mins and Nationwide 20 for unlimited LD mins.

Airtime is consumed or charged when you make LD calls. but if after 6PM or weekend, it's free airtime depending on your plan.


You can add this feater to your account by logging in to your online account at, go to PLANS AND ADD-ONS.


Hope this helps!Smiley Tongue

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Thanks a bunch!! Smiley Happy
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I want to make sure this is noted as well. Going to another local area, you are good to MAKE calls within that local calling area. The only time you get long distance charges are when you answer a call from ANYONE and if you make calls outside of the current area where you are in.


"Your Home is where you Roam!" someone taught me that during my first week of training to help me understand. Also keep note, those who don't have long distance packages and try to call you will also incur long distance charges as well. Of course, we are more worried about your well being than others.


Fave numbers are exempt from this so long as both parties have fave numbers and are nationwide.



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That doesnt sound too right.
"The only time you get long distance charges are when you answer a call from ANYONE"
working as a telus dealer.
We were trained that Long Distance only Occurs  when You place the call.
If somebody calls you its only Local rate.
Now another thing.
"Your Home is where you Roam!" I dont understand that at all?
Its backwords?

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I think it works this way....


When you arrive in Calgary....

  • your call to a Calgary hotel is FREE because it's a local call
  • your call home is long distance
  • you receiving a call is long distance