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my smart phone tells me i'm not registered on network what do i do?

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Hello 123abc,


I'm JS a contributor here.  Welcome to the TELUS Neighbourhood.


A few questions that may help:


1)  Did you purchase the phone through TELUS, BELL or ROGERS?

2)  What service provider SIM card (TELUS, BELL or ROGERS) do you have in the phone or no SIM card at all?

3)  If you purchased the phone through TELUS, did you set up an account (it is free) at

4)  Have you set up a Google Account with an e-mail address and password?


If you purchased the phone through BELL or ROGERS you more than likely will have to get the phone unlocked by them or an independent mobile phone store, then purchase a TELUS SIM card to put into the phone in order to access the TELUS network.


If you are still experiencing issues then the best solution is to give TELUS Client Care a call at 1-866-558-2273 (this is a free call) and they can troubleshoot the problem with you. 


Best of Luck getting this issue solved!!! 















Irregardless of where you got the device or what device it is, check network settings and make sure "use 2g only" or "Use GSM only" isn't selected.

If that turns out to not be the problem we should then make sure your device hasn't been listed as stolen or lost.

Head over to:

Enter your imei and check to see if it is.

Let me know if any of this heped