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i am having a lot of trouble with my iphone 4s not working properly. I am having trouble sending and recieving messages (doesnt matter what kind of messages either) and deleteing messages off of my phone- i have to reboot my phoen everytime i try to send/recieve a message in order for it to fully send. I am also having trouble with calling- when i call someone the calling window does not come up and when i try to end the call i have to turn my phone off. my phone also did not let me connect to wifi for a few weeks(even with the correct passwords) which ended up sky rocketing my usage this month. i have tried wiping my phone completely and it still has all of the same problems. If someone could help me out or give me some guidance on what i should do.. that would be helpful! thank you!


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Seems to be problems with the phone itself, not the carrier.


Since you have done a Nuke & Pave, you've already done more than most of us might be able to recommend.  Have you contacted Apple? They might be able to help, especially if you are still in the warranty period or bought AppleCare.


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It sounds like the issue is hardware related if a complete reset didn't help. I agree with NFtoBC that your best bet is to take it to Apple.


Hello-Vanessa03. - It seems that Ur. (iPhone4) need a mayor overhaul. 2-Options comes to mind. 1) You can easily, get rid of the Ph through the "Telus.Recycle program" get $15 to $20 for it + get a new Phone, would imply of course to signup a new contract or buy a newPh, connected to [BYOD-Plan]


2) Option perform the (factory reset). Tha would return Ur.Ph to its original settings. Be aware that all your settings, will be deleted. When you said 'quote'  " I've tried to wiping my phone completely N' still the same problem" are

Urefering to factory.Reset or what?. The procedure is found in Iphone-operation manual



Nowadays there're (Mobile Ph-shop repairs) where for a few $$ can do this tasks, instead of "Do it Yourselft"

N' screwup, with the steps. Try it at Ur own risk.  <ReadMe-soon>  "v9"




@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?


Hi Vanessa03, it's always hard to find out about a specific phone issue remotely but I also think it's hardware related. Did you do all of your updates using Itunes? Apple will be able to do some test on your device and tell you more about the issue so you should follow the advice from NFtoBC.