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Has anyone else had the glass crack in the s4 for no reason?
I've had the phone for a month, it's been in an otter box since day one. Had it in my front pocket, took it out and it was cracked. I'm reluctant to get another phone with the same glass.
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I'm JS a new member to the Telus Nieighbourhood.  When you purchased your smartphone did it come with a warranty that covers physical issues such as dents, scratches, screen cracks/breakages or liquid damage?  Something I would definitely recommend is that instead of spending the money on a brand new phone, just take the current phone you have now to a TELUS Store, (I cannot speak or answer on behalf of them as I am not a TELUS employee) but I am confident they may offer you an exchange for a new phone of the same model or will give you a temporary phone to use while they send the one you have now with the cracked screen out to a repair shop for screen replacement which would be a lot cheaper. I would not know how much the repair cost would be.  I have never had to get a repair or replacement on a smartphone.  I hope this helps.  Best of luck getting your issue resolved. 

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xl CPU Alum
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Pockets (front and back) are poor choices to keep a phone... especially with newer larger phones as there is a greater tendancy for the phone to flex and break.

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I was given a few options. Samsung offered to repair the glass under warranty. I would have to get a loaner phone from telus with a 250.00 deposit. My fear was I would break this phone too and risk my deposit.
My second option was to pay 150.00 and get a completely new phone under the device protection plan.
Third option find a phone I could borrow and send mine off for repair. ..
no one I know has an old telus phone

after joining several forums. I am hearing a lot more stories about glass breakage in the s4.
even the telus rep had broken one.
I had an an iPhone for years. It lived always in my pocket. No issues
love the freedom of android, hate the flimsy glass of s4
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If your hands are full and you don't want to risk dropping the phone, what are other options?
Maybe I'll start a cell phone valet service to ensure safe delivery from point a to b...
all in good humor... lol
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If cell phones are nor meant to be be portable because they are so fragile are we not taking a step in the wrong direction?
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You are partially correct. Remember, these large sheets of fragile glass and plastics are no longer "cellphones", but a minicomputer. People are using these devices to make less and less voice calls, but to use it as a portable computers.

There are not many brands anymore that brag about drop testing their smartphones.

It's part of a conspiracy to sell more phones. For example, after 18 months, have you notice built in batteries start to loose their life? It again is a way for manufacturers to sell more phones.

Going back to the original point about where to hold their phones. A belt phone holster or purse may be a growing option.


Otherwise look for phones with smaller screens that can tolerate the flexing. Perhaps a true cellphone of the yesteryear like a clamshell design.


Then there are protective cases so your smartphone can survive harsh environments of modern day life.

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Hi JCH. I wanted to clear something up, you should not have to pay a loaner deposit if your phone is sent away for repair. Telus removed loaner deposits, you only have to pay if you damage the loaner phone.

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Hi, I think that your best bet would be to pay the security deposit, get your device fixed and then return the loaner device. Just pay extra care to it. Then when your device is back from repairs, you get your money back. Then I strongly suggest you to get a good carrying case for your device. I hope it helps.

I had a similar problem... I just got a Samsung Galaxy S4 when they were BRAND NEW last year... it turns out the phones screen was kind of 'glitchy' right outta the box... meaning the actual digitizer was flawed.

Not perfect resolutions at times.

I had an Otter Box Defender for it. Sides of phone well protected but as soon as my butt cheek sat on the glass from like a 1.5 drop... it cracked the internal digitizer.

I have since then took the phone appart and removed the old digitizer and bought a new S4 completely.

And even looked into Tempered Glass by

Not just-a-glass-screen but ACTUAL TEMPERED GLASS!

I had a similar thing happen to my Note. The thing I recall doing is always keeping it in my back pocket. I would forget about it and end up sitting on it when I am driving, going to the cinema etc.


One day I had it in my front pocket and upon removal noticed a crack(I don't keep keys, coins or anything else that would damage a screen in my pocket)


I suspect what may have happened is over a long period of time the screen weakened and the natural movement made it break.