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Just Moved In

I have two cell phone bought from telus that I do not use anymore pluse the cell I use can I get any credits or can I take all three and upgrade to a newer cellphone


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I guess it also depends on how old your phone is.


You might also want to check out Future Shop's program which may get you a Telus phone...


Hello da13,


I'm JS a contributor here.  In response to your question,  I just within the last week took 3 old cellphones to a TELUS Store for recycling as I was not using them anymore or knew anyone who would want them.  Unfortunately the phones did not have any dollar value on them as they were discontinued models.


Don't trust yourself in going to Future Shop to recycle your old phones.  The employees are just "kids" trying to make a commission sale and don't always know what they are talking about.  You are a lot safer and will receive more confidence from the Sales Associates by visiting a TELUS Store. 


To help follow these steps:

1) Go to

2) Click on the top heading that says phones

3)  Scroll down to the Look-up Trade in Value

4) Select the manufacturer of the phone (eg. Samsung, LG, Etc.)

5) Select model of the phone (eg.  E973 Optimus G)

6) A little display on the right will show you the phone you have selected and what the phone's trade in value is


Whatever the trade-in value of the phone is, that value can be used for an in-store credit towards the activation or upgrade to any new TELUS phone.  The credit received is based on the Fair Market Value and condition of your device.


Best of Luck upgrading to the new phone of your choice.