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calling from US

Just Moved In
My husband & I will be visiting the US for 2 months, are we covered on our plan to make longi distance calling, & texting back to Canada?

Thank you!

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Have a close look at your package and plans.  Many are not.


Some thoughts...

  • US passes are great for limited use to minimize roaming charges
  • consider a second phone or a SIM card swap for heavy users (if you are likely to consume more than 300mb a month)
  • Roam Mobility offers a side product for Canadians on the TMobile network with great prices.  I use them on most trips to the US (no coverage in Alaska, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming).  Love the 9gb plan as I use Google Maps a lot.
  • pay attention to coverage maps, some providers offer better coverage than others
  • avoid discount carriers... many don't offer coverage indoors.