bbz10 video sharing and voicemail


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Hi, f66 here 

Ex iph 4 owner now a bbz10 user and must say nice change 

Two questions 

One why can't we share video over 16mb 

Two why can't we access voice mail through a recording(as with iph 4) Instead of the calling and password 

Most Helpful

Can't answer about the video sharing but the voicemail on the iPhone is visual voicemail. As in no calling and password. A lot of phones have this feature, iPhones for years Android since 4.0, Windows phone and BlackBerry 10. The difference is it is up to the carriers to support it and as far as I know Telus only supports it on iPhones. They can activate it on the Z10 in the future. It looks like Bell has it included on it so Telus should be updating it soon. 


Ok, thanks for information