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Xperia Z2

Just Moved In

Hi there,


I am due for a new phone now and was looking into the Xperia Z2 and noticed an article saying that this phone would only be available on with Bell Canada. Is this true? Will Telus get it eventually?





Hi friend, it's hard to say since even the mobile providers don't always know if they'll have specific phone models until it's official. Telus had the Z1 so I'm thinking that they'll have the Z2 but I can't be 100% sure about it. Keep an eye on their website and keep seaching in different mobile forums. 

I was in a Telus store about 3 weeks ago and the staff heard they would be carrying the Z2 likely near the end of September. I'm on the Telus network and purchased an unlocked Z2 from the Sony store (my iPhone was stolen so I used the opportunity to switch to Android). I love the phone and Android! I want to pick one up for my spouse and am also hoping Telus carries it soon.