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Would the thL t11 work with telus?

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I was looking at the ThL T11 phone from China.  I got confused about the different bands used worldwide and my head is going to explode.  Does anybody know how well voice or data would work with the Telus network?  Could you please comment on them separately?  I blocked data so I'm mainly interested in voice (and texting) but am wondering about the data as well.  Thanks for any help.



- Support 3G network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA 850/1900/2100MHz

Band: 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
            3G: WCDMA 850/1900/2100MHz



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GSM itself is Rogers/Fido. It has poor service as they haven't updated that network in years. (I have a Nokia from Asia that only works with GSM here.)


WCDMA there is no way to be absolutely sure. 2100MHz definitely won't work as Telus uses that for LTE. In theory 850MHz may work but no guarantees. It may also limit whether or not you can do voice, data or both. The previous users that asked about THL phones never responded whether or not they bought the phone and if it worked.


Other issue with most low cost Android devices is they will usually never get an update / security patches for the OS.

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Thanks for the reply. I didn't realize Telus uses the 2100MHz frequency for LTE.


I thought most of these phones normally got updates. Well, I suppose it's almost the same as here in Canada since phones in the $200 range normally get left behind when it comes to updates (well, at least after 1 update).


One thing to note is that this particular model uses the 1900Mhz frequency for 3G as well. I think I remember somebody particularly asking about that and it was confirmed that this model uses it. So, from my limited understanding I was under the impression that this phone should work.



EDIT: Here's where I saw somebody talking about the 1900MHz band (or frequency)


QUOTE (from the above link)

According to the box and engineering mode, it has 850/1900/2100. That will make it compatible with all AT&T 3G (850/1900) and most of T-Mobile (1900).

It should be noted that just because engineering mode shows a frequency, doesn't necessarily mean the phone radios support it. However, THL is very good about reporting proper specs on their units and it's very unlikely they'd flash basebands that weren't set properly for the radio hardware.

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Thl t11 do works with Roger, fido, Bell & Telus.

Even if you would have only 850/2100 on wcdma it would work on 850 band.

What's great with this Chinese phone is that it has both 850 & 1900 bands.

I've had 2 thl phone with only 850 and it worked on Roger & Telus. Now I own a thl t11 with 850/1900/2100 and its the best phone I've own this day. Sure the 2100 band is there for nothing but it could be useful if you go one day in Europe or Asia.

For 220$US you can't get better for Canadians applications if you don't want to be tied by a contract.