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Is it better than BlackBerry app store? Quality of apps, as in crashes or anything?

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I couldn't say if it's better than BB, but I didn't experienced any crash so far and near all the top apps that I need are there.  The only apps missing in the Windows Phone Store that I would like are the Telus apps..  Only one so far (Optik TV).  Where's "My Account" or "TELUS Network Experience"...

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I am certainly not missing many apps. I would like to see Square come to the platform as well as a few Canadian mobile banks. I would also LOVE to see a better browser come to the phone but that is up to Microsoft to allow that to happen.

To answer though, I would say it beats out BB10 for apps.

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Pretty much any app you would find in market for other OS offerings are either natively available or available via 3rd party on Windows Phone.  Microsoft also recently announced they are 160,000 apps in their Windows Phone store.  What app in particular are you looking for?



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