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Windows 8.1 (Cyan) Update for Nokia 620

Friendly Neighbour

OK, enough with the delays, where in the hell is the OTA Cyan Update for our Nokia 620 phones??  



Hello mychorrizae45, the mobile provider will find out only 1 or 2 days before it becomes official. The thing is, Nokia may choose not to update the 620 device and it's not something that telus can control. Did you search online to see if the update for your 620 was available in a different country? You can buy the Lumia 635 for 200$, new and 1 year of warranty and you'll be sure that the update will run smoothly. 

Did i research it online?  What a dumb ass question to ask.  Do us a favour and become more informed in a topic before replying with a marshmallow reply like that.  All Windows Phone 8 users were told they will receive the 8.1 update.  Nokia 635 already comes with 8.1, so there's no need to be sure the "update will run smoothly".  

Community Power User
Community Power User
Dude, your 'tude is a little rude.
Many of the members of this community are volunteers, most of whom are not employees of Telus. If you treat folks politely, you will draw better or more complete explanations.
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Friendly Neighbour

You may have to force the update by using the Nokia software recovery tool on your PC. You should back up your phone before doing this because otherwise you have to start over from scratch.


I did this lately for a 920 and a 1520 that were not being updated on my time schedule. My phones are both unlocked versions with no previous ties to Telus, so I don't really believe the hold up is due to the carrier at all, it is more likely based on the software version that your phone was running.


I also have the developer preview running in order to get the latest 8.1 update. It is nice, the addition the ability to put tiles within another tile folder is a pretty neat implementation that I never even guessed that I wanted 🙂