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Will we ever see Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry 10 devices?

Just Moved In

So, as the title says, will BlackBerry 10 devices ever see Visual Voicemail on Telus, or any devices other than the iPhone for that matter? Most phones sold today have support for it (even legacy BlackBerry devices had visual voicemail on carriers that supported it), but for some reason Telus still only offers it on the iPhone. I'd be perfectly willing to pay the same $5 monthly fee currently charged for iPhone visual voicemail to have this ability on my BlackBerry Z10. This is frankly the only thing about Telus that has been disappointing me lately - otherwise I'm very happy with my plan and the customer service.



voicemail to text can be a great alternative. When you receive a vm it will be converted to a text for you. Works great and is available as a feature add on to your plan

Although Voicemail to Text seems nice, I'd still much rather see a proper Visual Voicemail implementation, so I was just wondering if there were any plans for it.

Friendly Neighbour

Being a Z10 user myself It would be an interesting feature, alas I havn't heard anything here.


You can submit your idea through one of our key sources for taking in customer suggestions at the following link:




Hope this helps.



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As far as I know, it's an iPhone exclusive. No other company has that feature.


I agree with my peers that Voicemail to Text is a very great option. Here's what it can do:

  • text you the voicemail messages
  • email you the voicemail messages
  • email you the .wav files for the messages so you can listen to them later
  • the best part, it will auto delete your voicemails so that your mailbox will never be full. This is even better than visual voicemail


Do consider this feature as an alternative as it does more.




Making sure that "The Future Is Friendly"

Bengjai, VV might be an iPhone exlcusive, but that would be within TELUS only - both Rorgers and Bell do offer a form of visual voicemail for BB devices.


Actually both WP8 and Android 4.0+ support visual voicemail.