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Wifi calling removed by telus on phone.

Just Moved In

Hello Telus,


Why did you disable wifi calling on my phone when I called to get help with my text messaging not working? I was talking to your rep over wifi and after he made a change and had me reboot the phone I not only still can't send text messages (I can receive them) now the wifi calling is disabled. When I pointed this out I was told my phone is not supported by telus for wifi calling. To be clear wifi calling was working but now telus says I can't have it. Thanks for nothing, need to look into other providers now.



This is an ongoing push from Telus to block devices not sold by Telus and non-Canadian model devices from using WiFi Calling, VoLTE, and in some cases, 5G as well. They will also block your device from roaming on countries like the US where there is no 3G service because of that VoLTE block. They want you to buy a phone from Telus and get locked into a long contract that keep you locked into their service for that longterm contract.

I would highly recommend filing a complaint with CCTS. If Canadian's don't push back on Brll/Telus for these practices, then we the customers get the shaft.