Where is support for the eSIM?


Where is support for the eSIM?

I’m on the verge of switching my 5 lines to Bell.

Why is TELUS not supporting eSIM yet? Can people opt in some sort of beta to get early access?


eSIMs from Telus coming sometime in the next 4 months? According to MobileSyrup:


"Telus and its sub-brands are looking to add eSIM and dual SIM technology later this year. However, Telus could not provide a specific time frame."





iPhone 11 is about to go on sale. Still no eSIM support coming from Telus. I don’t really want to switch provider, but it’s looking like that might be the only option. This doesn’t make any sense!


According to Apple, as of today (April 25, 2019) the following carriers support eSim on iPhone:



  • Bell
  • Fido
  • Lucky Mobile
  • Rogers
  • Virgin

Telus already supports eSim in the Apple Watch, so... what's the hold up? I travel overseas a lot and need to shuffle sims for local data, which means I lose my Telus line while travelling. I've got two home lines and an Apple Watch that can be transferred to Bell or Rogers...


I do not understand the hold up and I am really thinking of going to another carrier.

I hope TELUS supports eSIM by the time I get my next iPhone. That’s likely to be in the Fall of this year. Otherwise, I would be looking elsewhere. 

Even Freedom Mobile support esim now. Let that sink in Telus. You are now the only of the major carriers in Canada not supporting it. Truly sad. It's a shame Telus attempt to block people using two carriers has now failed. Since all the others do support it. That and I already ported out. 🙂

The Future is Futile

I travel a LOT and really want to be able to have a local sim functioning when I am abroad but don't want to "lose" my Canadian phone. What is the Telus policy and explanation??? Please help make use of the technology available.

You could use eSIM for the non-Canadian carrier in the countries you are traveling to.  

Sure. But then your limited to places that have esim available for prepaid...

Bottom line. Telus needs to get with it. Even Freedom supports esim.

I am sorry but I will have to go to another supplier, probably to Virgin to get ESim support.

I am with Telus now but I am thinking of switching to Virgin unless Telus supports ESim in the very near future.


Telus is just being slow to prevent churn. As with all carriers resisting eSIM. Also be prepared for your Apple device to be unlocked, if it has a contract forget about moving your service to eSIM. Again to prevent churn. Canadian carriers are the creme de la creme when it comes to shady practices.

Is there anyone that can advise if eSIM is coming to Telus??

It’s been about 14 months since Apple released the iPhone XS. At this point it’s probably safe to say Telus has no plans to support it. Give your money to another carrier.

Don't waste your click on the video. Video summary: You need an eSim card with the QR code on it from Telus.

To me, video is better than words, but here the summary:


There is support for eSIM from Telus

Telus prints QR codes

iPhones and Google Pixels are both working fine


It should be available to a wider audience soon.

How much do you wanna bet you can't move your hardware sim on contract to esim?

So Telus is offering Motorola Razr notifications. Sign be notified when it's available.

I wonder if anyone has told them it's eSIM only? 🤔