When 4.2.2 update will come for HTC One X+ ?? i am frustrated with 4.1.1.


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now currently i am using HTC One X+ with android 4.1.1 but i want to know that when 4.2.2 update will come.

because other international version and europian version already updated their phone with 4.2.2 with sense 5 so why not telus.

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No software updates expected yet for the HTC ONE X+... Refer to https://mobility.telus.com/en/AB/Software-Updates/schedule.shtml. Canadian carriers usually get them a bit after the US. Euro and Asia are often way ahead.


Not happy with answer from Telus. The update has been available for quite a while everywhere else. I want it now


Hello, your mobile provider doesn't have much control over the updates, sometimes, the manufacturer will keep it/ delay it if a new product is about to be launch, like the HTC M8 right now.

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If anyone is looking for updates before Telus releases them they are doing so at there own risk. The reason that software updates take longer sometimes because they are tested to ensure the best customer satisfaction experience before they are released.

You can also look into a possible anytime upgrade if you are eligible

HTC now confirmed that 4.4 update for Canada. My frustration is now to the point that if we don't get the 4.4 upgrade and Telus leaves us in the dark again on this one, I'm just canceling everything. I remember the One X+ (which is still a really powerful phone) was sold as their super flagship. Zero after sale support while every other carriers got upgraded to 4.2 and HTC Sense 5 is just plain insulting.


I'm not sure where the poster above me is getting the info on 4.4, because HTC confirmed back in January that the One X(+) will NOT get 4.4 at all, and it will max out at 4.2.2.


We are, unfortunately, still stuck with 4.1.1. I'm wondering if there is perhaps any more news about this? The schedule linked in the second post does NOT mention the One X(+) at all.


I'm guessing that the delay is most likely not Telus' fault; my wife has the One X and is on Rogers, and hers is still stuck on 4.1.1 as well.