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What kind of ID do you need to start a monthly plan

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Hi Robin, typically you require two pieces of government issued ID 🙂

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Hi Robin, typically you require two pieces of government issued ID 🙂

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To be a bit more exact, you would need a drivers liecence or passport, and either a credit card or your SIN card. Telus requires at least one piece of photo ID that is linked to your credit history and a second piece that will also provide a link to your credit history in order to perform a credit check.


This is actually an unanswerable question given the solutions don't match real world situations.


My ex-husband has stellar credit history, but when he signed up for a share plan earlier this year, no credit check was done. He was quite surprised. Other places, friends have been asked for either an SIN or driver's license number, not both, and they didn't need the card, just the number. I was asked for my SIN, and I simply gave the number without digging the card out.


If you're going for a new or replacement SIN, the actual cards are no longer produced, you simply get a number, as my son found out a few months ago, though the government website says cards are still mailed, they are not. Giving a number, without showing a card, is legal in Canada. Numbers are given over the phone, and of course it's legal. In person is no different.


If a married woman is using her maiden name for anything, she might have to show her birth certificate along with a piece of photo ID. While it's always legal in Canada for a woman to use her maiden name, sometimes visual verification is required, and in the instance, understandable.


Bring all your ID to the store, but don't be surprised if you're not asked to produce it. 🙂 It really is random. 

It's not random and your ex, if he signed up with Telus would have had to produce ID in store.  


Providing the number itself will suffice on an account that is set up if you are calling in.  If you are in store, you need your ID, period. If not, the person is breaching policy.


Drivers license, credit card, Social Insurance number are accepted.  Canadian Passports can be used as well for supplemental verification if you are in store. 

My ex was not asked for ID. Period. When Telus sets up a new tower in a community, they go in with special deals for people in the community, and in this instance, the deal was he simply had to give his address in that community. He gave nothing else.


In Canada, an SIN DOES NOT have to be produced to sign-up for cellular service, says the government of Canada.


"Some private-sector organizations may ask for your SIN. This practice is strongly discouraged, but it is not illegal.


11. subscribing to long-distance or cellular telephone services"


And the SIN cards are no longer produced.


I actually came here just to update that little bit. People can refuse to give their SIN; a driver's license is good enough for a credit check.



What's your address?  I'm going to tell them I'm Jim from your street and want a cell phone.