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Wet phone

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My phone was on and it got a bit wet it wasn't submerged, I dried it off and turned it off, then I took the back off and the battery out. I left it to dry for a bit, I went online to find out what to do and it was mentioned that there is a small white dot on the back that will change colour if the phone is water logged. It looks white or an extremely pale pink. I put it in rice and then in with some silica gel packs, in a ziploc container because I don't have a bag. I saw this on a telus blog. Is there still hope for my phone.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes.  The white dots are used to deny warranty coverage, should the phone be damaged, they do not necessarily indicate a broken phone. 


My phone took a dive into a pool a few years ago. Still going strong!


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I managed to fix my daughter's waterlogged phone with a similar method. Opened it up, took the battery out and dried up what I could with cotton swabs and small pieces of paper towels. Then I put all the pieces in a medium zip-lock with a big pack of silica gel that I keep in my DSLR lens bag. Put the bag on top of a my espresso machine which was warm at the time. The phone was fine the next day.