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Warranty void: 1

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Anybody experience this situation?


I lost Play store icon and no software using google play services works.

Tried factory reset several times.

Now trying firmware update using Kies and I see "WARRANTY VOID : 1 0x0500"


I read that this is a sign that my phone got rooted and may cause certain application to stop working.


Any idea?  (Kies firmware update is still running, but I doubt it'll work)


Community Power User
Community Power User

@FireFighter1017what phone are you using? Have you loaded custom roms into it?

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Community Power User

Didn't Samsung replace Kies with Smart Switch?


If you loaded or attempted to load a custom ROM, touched the bootloader, or rooted a Samsung device that has KNOX, that can brick it. Samsung has apparently said that fixing this issue is not possible.


For some details: All you wanted to know about KNOX Void Warranty 0x1

XDA Discussion: Samsung Knox: Warranty Void Behavior


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Kies no longer works, you must use Smart Switch or ODIN.

If you are getting that warning, the "e-fuse" has been tripped by either rooting, or bootloader modification. There is no going back. One it's tripped, it cannot be reset.