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Upgrading to iphone

Just Moved In

Im on my moms plan and i am able to upgrade in January I wanted to upgrade to a iphone but im not sure if i am able to get one and still have my mom pay the same price every month for it. Someone help. Also do i need a data plan if i plan on upgrading to a iphone...


You haven't provided any information to base an answer on. Which plan are you on now? Which iPhone do you want? Guaranteed that current pricing on iPhones will change between now and January since the new iPhone will be out this fall so I don't see much point in pricing things out now.

+1 to the above. If i were you, OP, i'd wait til Jan. But for the meantime what phone are you on now and what is your plan and how much do you pay per month?


I don't see the plans changing really at all between now and january.


So for an iPhone on one of the new ripoff SharePlus plans you're looking at at least $70/month


Yes you have to have a data plan


The current (ON) promo plan for $70/month comes with 500 min, 500MB data and unlimited SMS. **bleep**e for $70/month if you ask me but we take what we can get.


But if you live in I think its Alberta or Sask then you get kick ass plans for cheap on Telus because Sasktel competition is so fierce.

500MB on any Android/iPhone/WP phone is way to little unless you are surrounded by free WiFi .. 

Minimum data plan should be 2GB+

I average approx 2GB/Month, and I have WiFi at home and at work .. if you are kid (suspect you are), then

you will probably eat a minimum of 2GB/month easily ...

My Son eats his 6GB plan in no time, even with WiFi at home... seriously, once you start playing with your

iPhone, and all that it can do, you will be streaming the Sh?t out of everything ... 

Also 500mins of talk time can be eaten quickly if you are a big talker, and do not stick to the after hour and

weekend plan options ..

Smart phones are great, but can really consume data/voice if not constantly watched ...

Suggestion is getting an app that can alert you to data and voice usages (presets)

I have a Nexus 5 and just love it .. + it comes with a built in data notifier, where the iPhones do not ..



Hi TM, as mentioned before most upgrade offers vary on a case by case basis. The usual scenario involves upgrading to the most current plans in the market. Alternatively, some people opt to purchase their devices outright in order to keep their current plans. 


Cheers! Robot Happy