Upgrading phone on my Pre-paid account


I rather need a new phone for a number of reasons, but I'd also rather keep going pre-paid rather than get stuck in an expensive plan. When browsing available phones though, Only certain low-end cheap phones are apparently compatible, or at least that's what it says when I click on them. Is this really the case? Am I not able to purchase a phone at full price and use it with my current pre-paid plan? (Besides the two or three low end 'recomenned' pre-paid phones)


Or is this just a roadblock on the site and not for actual service?


EDIT: On closer inspection, the site says I can use any Telus phone for pre-paid, but when browsing phones while logged in I get redirected to a page telling me the phone is not compatible and to "visit a Telus store for more information."

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Typically any phone compatible with the Telus network should work for pre-paid one the SIM is in. Not all devices will be available to be purchased in full so you'll have to check for the one you want. If it gives you a No Term or Full Retail Price option, that's what you'll need to choose. Flagships get expensive also.


In some cases, yes you may need to go to a retail store. It will likely depend on the phone you're after.


The odd thing is though, when browsing the site while not logged into my account, I see the option to pay in full or get a plan, but as soon as I log in, even trying to view the page for any phone (besides the three specifically under 'pre-paid') I get locked out by this page: https://imgur.com/a/PQCl5A0


It doesn't even seem to give me the option of buying a normal plan... I guess my only option is asking about this in-store then? Is there any reason my account would not be able to add any new plan or phone to it online?


Go to a corporate store and ask, or call one and ask. Don't ask a retailer, they're most often wrong. A retailer once told me NO flagship Samsung could be on prepaid EVER, and she was dead wrong.


In some cases, the phone might not be available online to prepaid customers.  I know a couple of people that have run into that issue before.  If you are a postpaid customer, they have stock for you, but prepaid customers are basically forced to go into a store to make their purchase.  It's just corporate favourtism at its finest.  


If you do the research or allow us here in the forum to do it for you. Let us know what phone you would like, make and model number, and one of us can let you know if it is compatible with the network.  Because any cellular network though uses multiple band deployments and technology that varies by region.  This is an important factor when choosing a device.  Someone in Toronto has a lot more choice for devices due to multiple bands being deployed in the city where someone out in northern Alberta would only have one or two options for a device to receive working service.  


One great cheaper current device to look at would be the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s.  It has pretty much everything you could want in a flagship device at half the cost.  Only the 256GB and 512GB models though have global band support those.  The lower end models are more aimed at the Asian market.  Kijiji and other online sites are great places to look for deals as well.  

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 It doesn't even seem to give me the option of buying a normal plan... I guess my only option is asking about this in-store then? Is there any reason my account would not be able to add any new plan or phone to it online?

As a prepaid customer, you would not have access to postpaid plans, or subsidized phones, as you have not met the credit check requirements. To my recollection, it is also possible to create a prepaid account without confirmation of identity. These are the most likely reasons why your options through an online prepaid account are so limited - Telus wants to reduce their downside risk.


If you want a flagship or other higher end phone, another purchase option might be through the manufacturer’s website.

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You could also consider used phones that were previously used on the Telus network or New or Used Unlocked phones (can be tricky, compatibility issues). I'm a prepaid customer and bought a New Unlocked Samsung S7 on Ebay. I had to buy a new sim card and they activated it in store for free.