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Upgrading my android version

Just Moved In

I have a Galaxy SII X running on an old version of android.  I want to upgrade but when trying to connect to Kies, it says that it does not recognize my device. I am asked to upgrade to version 3 (which should not support my device) and when I did I get the same message. I tried speaking to a Samsung rep and they told me to reboot computer and phone. I did this several times and it still is not working. Am I doing something wrong?



Are you running Jellybean at least?



Far as I know, Jellybean is the last official Samsung version, otherwise you have to go to a custom ROM to get KitKat where available.



XDA thread on JellyBean(versions  MOD or Telus Samsung?) upgrade via Odin



Cyanogen Mod general information. 'Nightly builds' may have bugs. 'Stable' is better. Make sure Mod version is compatible with Telus network(radio frequencies) specifications.




All risks of flashing new ROMs, via other methods, are responsibility of user doing it.




Use Nasty's suggestion of using Odin.


Odin is the program used to directly write the operating system on Samsung phones.  


Follow the instructions carefully.  Read first, Youtube to find a video and watch someone actually doing it before attempting on your own.  Custom ROM is actually the ideal as opposed to the bloated Touchwiz version Samsung shoves down your throat.


Make sure the file you're putting on the phone is specific to your device.   Your's should be the T989D.  Very important as using the wrong file can brick your phone (render it useless and unrecoverable).  Heed the last warning but as much as it sounds eerily daunting, its really as simple as installing a program in Windows.