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Upgrading Device - Keep current plan?

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I am sure this question has been asked numerous times but I couldn't find a clear answer.


I'm going to be updating to the new iPhone when it comes out. My current iPhone's balance has been paid for in full for the past 1.5 years. I currently pay  60.00/month on my phone's plan (although the account which houses 4 phones shares data). 


My question is will I be forced to get a new plan to hit a minimum monthly fee of 75.00-85.00? 


If so, could I change the data from lets say subscriber 4 to myself being subscriber 1 which would but my phones bill at 105.00/month.. would that allow me to keep my current plan while upgrading on a 2-year term?


Thanks for the info!


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Community Power User

I believe @Mobility_Princess answered it best in this thread.


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