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Telus sent me a lemon of a phone and wants to charge me for a replacement


i bought a galaxy s7 from telus online and 2 weeks later the phone stopped working. shut off automatically and needed to be plugged in to power back on, my chrome app crashes before its even open and i cant make or recieve a single call. even though i pay for the warranty and pay my bill every month when i talked to them they wanted to charge me to get a replacement for this junk they sent me. afterwards they kept telling me to call back in a few days to talk to a manager even though i told them i cant make calls at least 5 times. then they said that its samsungs fault and not theirs and to go talk to them for the warranty even though they sold me the product themselves, yet when i buy something from walmart if its not working i can return it to walmart, i dont have to track down the manufacturer to get it resolved. worst service i have ever recieved i do not recommend paying for this terrible warranty on any phone



When you say, "paying for warranty" do you mean you bought Device Protection?


If so...


Did you call eSecuritel, the insurance company that handles Telus Device Protection?


The number is here:


I know your phone is having trouble making calls, but maybe they have an email. They have a website:


You can also view the PDF Device Protection information regarding deductibles, etc.


For the S7, the deductible for replacement is 300.00.


I have the S7. The only issue I've had so far was when the Facebook app froze, and instead of allowing it to resolve before hitting the home key, I hit the home key right away, which caused the screen to go out. My fault entirely. Then the phone wouldn't respond while it was working on the non-responding app. After a minute, I plugged the phone in and it came back with a message that Facebook was not know how that message goes. 🙂 I'm hoping it was a one-time thing. Crashing apps can be an issue with the Samsung Web Viewer, which gets periodic updates to fix bugs like that.


Clearing app cache can also help with crashing apps.


Good luck!!

Community Power User
Community Power User

The one other thing that can be tried is to factory reset the phone.

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yes i tried factory reset 2 times now and the issues have become more frequent since

Community Power User
Community Power User

If there is a manufacturing defect with the phone, Samsung is responsible to address it within the first year. Issues beyond manufacturing defects are addressed by eSecuritel. In either case, you need to start the process of making a claim for your troublesome phone, so you can get it repaired by whichever process is going to do so. If there is a manufacturing defect, there will likely be no charge, as it will be addressed by Samsung. If it is determined the problem is not a manufacturing defect but other issues, you are covered by the additional coverage you purchased.


Telus offers a return period of about two weeks. After then, the responsibility for repair is beyond their control.





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yes i paid for the device protection. id understand the charge if the phone was damaged or had issues that were my fault. but the phone stopped working on its own 2 weeks later and its clearly issues with the phone but they still want to charge me to get a replacement even when they sent me a bad phone in the first place. i paid for a working phone and did not receive one. now they want me to pay yet again to receive a functioning product. they told me about the deductibles but its been a month since i got the thing and already it doesnt work. yet when i tell them they offer no assistance but to take more money out of my pocket

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

@Brendan The issue you've described is covered under the 1 year manufacturer's warranty. We'll send the device to the manufacturer authorized service centre for repair. It typically takes 10 days and we will provide you with a loaner phone if available. Please visit and look for the nearest Product Care Centre. More information can be found at

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

@Brendan Also, within first 30 days, the device is covered by DOA coverage. When was the device purchased?