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My mother in law just purchased a BlackBerry Q10.  

When adding her existing e-mail to the device, there doesn't seem to be any options to sync the Address Book or Calendar from the Webmail?


In searching Telus' various websites there doesn't appear to be any info on whether this is possible or not.  Do they support Carddav or Caldav for synchronizing these from the mailbox?


Any information or guidance is appreciated - thank you.


Community Power User
Community Power User

If I recall from previous discussions on this forum, there is no simple way to connect to, or transfer information from either the address book or the calendar on Telus webmail.

Options exist to print, but not export. The only solution appears to be to rebuild the address book on the new device.



Edit:  Possibly a "Cam-Card" type app could be used to input the printed output into the phone, by use of the camera to interpret the content of the printed addresses?  A kludge, but possible.


Hope you MIL is enjoying her new phone.


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Community Power User

It's basic webmail. The option to sync anything other than email itself is not possible.

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