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Telus just disconnected me!

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Got a new iPhone in the mail. I was on the phone with a customer service person. Gave her my new sim number and now both my devices are disconnected! Help!

Community Power User
Community Power User

It will take a few tens of minutes for your new SIM to be registered and flow through the system. Re-starting your new phone may speed the process. IF your phone is not working in an hour, I suggest calling Telus from a different phone, or using the Chat function on the Contact Us site.



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Were you calling Telus from the device that was currently activated and you were deactivating? The sim card you just activated, put in your new phone and turn it off and on again. It should be working. If it is not working after that then you should still be able to call them from the old device even if the sim card is not activated. *611 would still work or you can chat them through this website 🙂

Mobility Client Care Rep

Hi @Melissa1 is your phone working now?